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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Who prayed for you?

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Joined: 2005/1/11
Posts: 234
United Kingdom

 Who prayed for you?

Okay, you may say, what is this guy going to write about 'revival'. Well, knowing what I do, revivals are started by prayer, fueled by prayer, and sustained by prayer. Prayer, Prayer, Prayer.

However, I am not going to give the 2 minute sermon on how to pray, this is just a little bit of nostalgia, that only hit me years after my heart had been won by the Love of God's Son.

Jesus, was touching the hippies in Cape Town, long haired, bare footed, smoking and swearing and smelling wild; were pouring into churches, the one church that seemed to really get a whole army of them was the Assemblies of God.

I can still remember John Bond, he was the top dog in the Assemblies at the time and he had decided that the doors were to be opened wide to let these young people in, who were coming to Jesus in their droves.

The result was a 'revival'. The Jesus hippie revival had sort of chilled and settled in and I was having my own private 2nd wave of the hippie revolution. My life was an absolute mess.

One of the Assemblies of God had a youth group which prayed on a Saturday evening, and there were plenty of 'Praise the Lord' and 'Hallelujah' and 'Thankyou Jesus' going on. Plus really earnest prayer for friends and relatives and anyone who was mentioned.

At some point a Luitenant Commander, who was sharing there one night, actually he was a minister in training. Well, he told this group of ex-hippies for Jesus, that he knew this young chap who was skidding of the rails and going down really fast. So they prayed for me.

Two weeks later I walked into the front door of that same Church a changed man, I was bubbling over with so much joy and glory in my heart, that one friend told me, you looked like a mirror ball.

Well, Jesus changed my life and he used me to change others, but it all started with Prayer. That is revival, and that is nearly thirty years ago. So never give up praying for others. This is what the Father has called us to. Did you ever find out who prayed for you?

In Jesus,

Eric John Sawyer

 2005/7/3 12:37Profile

Joined: 2003/7/31
Posts: 2538
Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Re: Who prayed for you?

Did you ever find out who prayed for you?

In my case it was my parents, in particular my Mom. I know she was grieved when I turned my back on the Lord as a teenager and followed after the world. But she never gave up faith that the Lord would reach me and she prayed for my soul(and all my siblings) for years and years.

I am sorry for the grief I caused my parents but so thankful for their godly testimony and their prayers. The seeds of the gospel that were planted in my heart when I was young were watered with the tears of prayer over many years and the Lord faithfully gave growth, to Him be all honor and glory!

I think there is something special in heaven about a mother's prayers for her children, I can't confirm that from Scripture but I just think it is so. Parents don't give up on your children's salvation, pray in faith despite all evidence to the contrary.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2005/7/3 15:28Profile

Joined: 2004/5/6
Posts: 309
Washington st. u.S. A.

 Re: Who prayed for you?

His name was brother al a little guy and a big guy named Lobo: Lobo was and ex biker.. they prayed for me for 4 years. they were street ministry workers for the Lord.
I was a gang leader of 10.000 on the west coast. They bro. al and Lobo wouldn't give an inch they kept coming and praying for me year after year. I was told that the Lord would have his way, I'd say ya right!!!! give them money and tell them to get lost, well all the time it was I who was lost.
I was a very hard person on the outside, hurting and angry Prayer was what made the differnts.
I am now giving testimony where ever I'm ask to share, work on the streets with gang members, the Rez's and have been ask to work with Brother Ron and Karen Hutchcraft. also am very pleased when the Lord ask me to go for the "one"

 2005/7/3 15:52Profile

Joined: 2005/7/5
Posts: 382
The Netherlands

 Re: Who prayed for you?

Did you ever find out who prayed for you?

All I know is that my mom kept praying for me..
Alto I can imagine that it must have felt for her like nothing was happening and I wouldn't turn back to God at all..

Must have been very hard for her, both my dad, my sister and I forgot about God while she was like the only one left.
Quite weird, she studied theology and there she was in a family with nobody yearned towards God.

I'm thankful for her prayers, and I'm sure more people prayed for me.
The cool thing was that I prayed for my sister and at a point we dragged my sister to the church and now she is back in church! only now I doubt how awake she is.

Its not done yet here, I still don't feel that God is the center in my family. The only time he's brought up is at dinner, where we pray a little prayer b4 we eat.
I have attempted to get us read a little bible after dinner, but the result was alot of argueing between my mom and my sister.
Why don't they see that satan wants to prevent us from gathering to Christ?

Oh well I suppose this should be a happy topic..
I tend to get offtopic so I'll leave it at this.
But I am very thankful that God got me out of my personal mess, blessed are the ones who prayed for me! God knows who did :-)

Jonathan Veldhuis

 2005/7/7 10:08Profile

Joined: 2003/4/18
Posts: 777


Jesus prayed for all of us....

(Joh 17:20 KJVR) Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;

Jeremy Hulsey

 2005/7/7 10:16Profile

Joined: 2005/7/5
Posts: 382
The Netherlands


Blessed is Jesus! :-)

Jonathan Veldhuis

 2005/7/8 5:12Profile

 Re: Who prayed for you?


It's not simple to answer that question. A LOT of people, beginning with family members when I was born, then Christian sisters, brothers and friends, as I have come into contact with them throughout my life. Praise the Lord! :-)

 2005/7/8 12:33

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