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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : The Praying Cripple

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 The Praying Cripple

"I once knew a little cripple who lay upon her death-bed. She had given herself to God, and was distressed only because she could not labor for Him actively among the lost. Her clergyman visited her, and hearing her complaint, told her that there from her sick-bed she could offer prayers for those whom she wished to see turning to God. He advised her to write the names down, and then to pray earnestly; and then he went away and thought of the subject no more.

Soon a feeling of great religious interest sprang up in the village, and the churches were crowded nightly. The little cripple heard of the progress of the revival, and inquired anxiously for the names of the saved. A few weeks later she died, and among a roll of papers that was found under her little pillow, was one bearing the names of fifty-six persons, every one of whom had in the revival been converted. By each name was a little cross, by which the poor crippled saint had checked off the names of the converts as they had been reported to her."

- D.L. Moody

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Joined: 2010/12/7
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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: The Praying Cripple

What crossed my mind after posting this, is how differently a similar situation might play out in our day, with television, iPads, video games, and smartphones to keep everyone entertained and occupied.

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It is not only a matter of being entertained and occupied. These things also serve as a means of redirecting our response to things that the LORD would have us to do. Instead of taking action, we turn to our devices and vicariously feel that we have accomplished something when in fact we have done nothing at all.

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I have enjoyed your post,and comment,..Apreciate it,.. for me it is thought provoking.

Our gadgets can be, .. and most times I find are very addictive.
Mine has been my telephone,.. for the news.

I have been in thought lately,.. about this.
Will this keep us from being prepared?

Another thought,..
Are we putting in ,... just filling ourselves up with something that takes the place of ‘oil’ for our lamps?... Filling ourselves up with the things of the world?

If we are FULL of other things, is there room for The Oil?,.... that keeps our lamp’s burning, or will we be like the foolish vergins?

Are we LIGHT in the dark world ?
How can we have LIGHT, .. without The Oil ?

What is this ‘Oil’ ?
Is it being full of The anointing of God ?... Full of Him?... Full of His Spirit?



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