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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Watchman Nees teaching & Application

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  Man’s imitation is never God’s work

Quote from “The Release of the Spirit”

Man’s imitation is never God’s work, and it is always from man’s effort. All who seek the Lord must learn to cooperate with the Spirit within, not just to conform outwardly by the energies of the soul. We must allow God to finish His work within us before we can expect the fruit of His work to be manifested without. Whatever is manufactured outwardly by our own effort is not real and is doomed to frustration and defeat. One who has unwittingly possessed a counterfeit characteristic defrauds others as well as himself. As counterfeit behavior develops, the person deceives himself into believing that such performance is his real self. It is often perplexing to convince him of his illusion and aberration, for he cannot distinguish the true from the false. Therefore, we must never try to imitate outward virtues. It is far better for us to be spontaneous and unaffected. This opens the way for God to work in us. Let us be simple and not imitate anything, having confidence in the Lord Himself to manifest His virtues through us.


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