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Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ!

I professed faith in Christ twenty-one years ago, and my life did turn around drastically (after being raised Roman Catholic, turning to New Age practices, all the while into drugs and immorality), but seven years ago the Holy Spirit began convicting me deeply over the course of several days.

It began when I got new homeschool curriculum for my kids and read some of the books -- missionary biographies and testimonies of Christians in other countries. (I can't believe I had never heard of these people, having belonged to churches for fourteen years!) Anyway, I was made jealous over their love for Christ. They were willing to die for Him! Why didn't I have a love for Him like that?

I was also convicted over how I treated my children (I yelled a lot, had a temper), and I knew I just didn't have much, if any, love for people. I first began to doubt God and Christ, to ask if they were real, but then it came down to one night when I asked myself, "Am I really a Christian?" Tears and tears came that night, but the next day, something was definitely different inside me, and my whole world changed.

Since then, I have a passion for God's Word, for prayer, for missions, for anything kingdom-related. I want to meet like-minded people. I want to see revival in America, especially here in the South.

I look forward to being encouraged, admonished, taught, etc., within this community of Christ's people.

In Christ,
Liz Smith

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 Re: Introduction

welcome dear sister .
Your testimony, ... a blessing.
I am looking forward to the things The Lord is teaching you, to encourage us here.


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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Introduction

A most heartfelt welcome, Liz!

((And thank you so very much for sharing your testimony.))

In His love,

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 Re: Introduction

Hi Liz. If the greatest commandment is to love the Lord ALL, then I have always thought not loving Him ALL would be the worst sin. Sounds like that is what hit you! I love the way you said you were jealous over their love for Christ. It brings tears to my heart and eyes. Blessings of His favor to you.



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 Re: Introduction

Oh welcome, welcome, dear sister!

I'm so glad you decided to enter in through the sheep gate!

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 Re: Introduction

Hello Liz,

I hope you are doing much better now and that you and your children are happy. I recognise myself in your story (I did not do drugs, but was part of militant communist groups) and fouth faith again later on in my life.
To climb out of the tunnel to Hell you've dug yourself to come back to Jesus is a feat that is much harder than it sounds, and I highly respect you for managing to do this.

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Newbie here too. Feeling great to be here.

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