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 Recommended video - "Anatomy of a Revelation"

If you are inclined it can be found on youtube. It's titled "Anatomy of a Revelation." In this 59 minute video, Reggie Kelly is asked about his testimony and he relates his early years in a church fellowship that, in his words, really had the cart before the horse and he goes on from there to his days in the hippie counter culture and his own personal crisis regarding Christ and his compelling interest in Christ's Olivet Discourse that caused a crisis also. He recounts meeting Art Katz and shares some of his relationship that developed with Art as he (Reggie) became part of the community living on the grounds of the Ben Israel community that Art founded. He shares of his view of the end time calling and destiny of the church as it is tied in with Israel. Even if you are not persuaded of his viewpoint (which is not why I am recommending this video) it contains precious nuggets throughout. It's worthwhile viewing in my opinion.

Blessings to the saints.

David Winter

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