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Hemel Hempstead

 What is the weirdest meeting and the best meeting you have been to?

I have been to quite a few weird meetings with having to leave my school because of the toronto blessing, because people were barking like Dogs and Rolling over the floor, my non christian friends wondered what was going on and it was not a good testimony to my non christian friends.

I have been so many weird meetings it is unbelievable!

One of my favourite meetings was Keith Daniels sermon at Greenock, Sermonindex and Denny Kensington and the prayer time at the Sermonindex conference

Another favourite conference was the Death of Darwinism by Yacov prasch

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: What is the weirdest meeting and the best meeting you have been to?

In 1985 in Dayton OH, I wanted to see a friend and the only way was to go where she was, was to a Harlo White meeting. Never heard of him before that and there was a woman that I knew to be a true black witch and I was walking in one door and she in the other. I told the another friend that I went with, "Oh great, this is a waste of time. So and so's here, so this just proves that this guy offers absolutely nothing spiritually."

So many crazy things happened at the meeting, I don't know if I can remember them all. It was a thursday night and he was an hour late and told everyone if they were tired and couldn't stay for the entire meeting, they didn't have faith in God!

He held up the meeting for at least 30 minutes to intimidate 15 people into giving $1000 EACH. I think people raised their hand just to hurry the meeting along.

When he said to shake someone's hand near you and say, "Jesus is here!" My friend was shaking hands with others, saying, "Jesus is here cause I brought Him!!" LOL

The final crazy thing was that I saw 7 people that we went to church with (in the awesome church that mentored me) and down by the stage he had a tables full of westinghouse light bulbs (.10 cents at the time). He told everyone because of this "anointed" meeting, they could now put them in their lamps at home, let the love of Jesus shine and all their family would be saved... all for the low love-gift price of $5.00 each. Every single one of those 7 people (that I knew personally and went to church with) fought to be first in line for those light bulbs while I sat in my seat and watched that abomination.


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 Re: What is the weirdest meeting and the best meeting you have been to?

great idea for a topic!

We were serving communion and taking time (why do we tag communion on the end of service?) to wait on the Lord, preparing our hearts. We passed around a crown of thorns so that each person had time to hold it and weigh the impact of the blood of Jesus. All wept in the awesome Presence of God as the Holy Spirit revealed the riches of Jesus to us. One woman was delivered from evil spirits as we waited there. She was never the same.

One more please! Another communion service. After the elements were passed, the leader asked if everyone had been served. Several people had prepared ahead of time to represent 'unreached ' groups. One by one ,dressed as their respective group, they stepped forward and said 'no' we have not been served and then they introduced themselves with info about their group. Unforgettable!




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Weirdest meeting? 23 years ago a friend invited me to a small church run by a Latvian couple in northern New Jersey, USA. They had just come back from Florida where the wife had obtained a false anointing from "crusades" with Rodney Howard-browne. She had people falling out & laughing hysterically in their NJ church meeting. Interestingly the only ones with any discernment were some small children who refused to come forward & receive the "blessing."

Shortly afterwards she was stricken with breast cancer, had a double mastectomy, the church folded, & the husband was trying to get the former congregants on board with buying Noni juice in some sort of get-rich-quick pyramid scheme.

Best meeting? Probably in one of my home Bible studies in years past where the Lord moved powerfully, people were baptized in the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking with tongues, and genuine words of prophecy were given---all with decency & order. One brother had entered a 40 day fast & was healed of rheumatoid arthritis. People were being won to Christ & discipled as well. It was a rich season.


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 Re: What is the weirdest meeting and the best meeting you have been to?

Best meeting:
In our little house church in Boston. We had a brother visiting from out of town to attend a family wedding. We usually have a sweet time of fellowship but that day was extra-special. The young adults were particularly ministered to in the area of sexual purity and we all just knew the Lord was among us.

Weirdest meeting:
Many years ago, a 'bishop' from Ghana came for a series of meetings. Ended up being nothing more than a time of sorcery-induced 'prophecies' and fleecing. Felt like an auction. Started from $1000 downwards to $100. Just awful.
To cap it all, we were prayed for one by one by said bishop and received a 'holy slap',in the process, i kid you not!

Once again, the only one with any kind of discernment was a little boy who as his mom led him toward the 'minister' yelled loud enough for all to hear, 'Don't let him touch me! I don't want him to touch me!' The man had enough sense not to try to force it.
Of course, we poor blind adults assumed he had a contrary spirit!


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