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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Does the American Church Show a Concern for its Global Persecuted Brethren?

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 Re: Brother Blaine

Dear brother,
Personally I am encouraged by your heart for the persecuted church all around the world and my statements were not as a personal affront to you.

To your last point regarding us “showing concern”.... well speaking for myself, the way I know to do this is primarily through prayer and supplication in the spirit, which as you know, is in many cases a private matter. Having said that it is also good to bring attention to these matters publicly in order to raise awareness and foster solidarity and for some, perhaps even you, it is their calling.
Likewise I know others whom champion causes equally worthy like abortion and they too give themselves to their calling. There are many other examples of this throughout the body of Christ.

However it is not, as far as my understanding permits, anyone’s calling to be Holy Spirit- not a bad thing to want to be I suppose but is quite harmful to try to be.... We are to make our appeals through Him, not as Him.

Again this is not to say there isn’t a place to admonish or rebuke, there surely is, however even and especially then we should guard ourselves, being certain of our intent to build up patiently and with all meekness and gentleness lest, in our zeal, harm the very body we do so earnestly seek to help:)

Blessings dear brother and again may God be praised for the work He does in and through you:)


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