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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Does the American Church Show a Concern for its Global Persecuted Brethren?

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Hi William-

I agree with what you have written. We can have confidence that God will give grace as the need arises, thank goodness.

I agree there is disconnect and I like being reminded, as long as there is not an added side note of guilt or condemnation. Just the facts of what is happening should suffice. Like Marvin said, the HS will then guide our response.


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"Our intimate closeness to Christ in prayer and our daily walk is that place and time where Jesus communicates his own heart to us. His desires become our desires, His will becomes our will. This same thing is necessary for evangelism and concern for the lost...who are surely hell-bound where they will suffer eternally, not for a short time though the flesh may suffer greatly."

I agree Brother Marvin. We can't force another believer to have a burden for the persecuted Church, but it is through close intimacy with Jesus Christ that we will be grieved and pray for what is on His heart. There will be some that are in close communion with the Lord, that will have this burden just as Brother Blaine does to pray and intercede for the persecuted church.


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 Re: The Law of Live

Todd writes......
/// Encouraging folks to pray is one thing; laying a guilt trip on them they do not deserve is another. ///

This accusation is often thrown against those who work in persecution ministries.  They are accused of putting people on a guilt trip when they speak to a silent American church.  To a silent American church who shows very little concern for our persecuted brothers and sisters in the shadow of the cross.

Is the issue guilt. Or is the issue the conviction of God. Is the issue the conviction of God knowing that the American evangemicals are not following the Second Great Commandment. Which is love of neighbor.

When one of the religious leaders asked Jesus who is my neighbor. Jesus responded by telling the story of the Good Samaritan. Many of us know this story. There was a man who was robbed and left for half dead on the side of the road. He was passed by the priest and a levite. They passed by on the other side of the road. They did not want to look at his suffering.

It was a good-for-nothing Samaritan who had the most flakiest of thelogies. This Samaritan came and ministered love to this man who is left for half dead.  Jesus commanded the good Samaritan not for his theology. But for the fact that he had practiced and carried out the Second Great commandment which was love of neighbor.

While the priest in the Levite passed by on the other side and we're more concerned about their theology. The Good Samaritan who had flaky theology was actually practicing the law of love. He was commended by Jesus. What will Jesus say to the priest and levite. How will they be judged.

I think the story of the Good Samaritan illustrates the response of the American evangelicals to our persecuted brothers and sisters.  The American Evangelical Church is more concerned about doctrine. their growth, materialism, conservative politics, and fill in the_______

Perhaps we need to go back and take a look at the last part of Matthew 25. The sheep and the goats. How did Jesus judge the sheep from the goats. They were not judged on their Calvinistic doctrine. They were not judge by what translation of the scriptures they used.  They were not judged by signs and wonders. They were not judged by whether they held a revival conference or not.  The sheep and the goats were judged by did they practice the law of love? Specifically the Second Great commandment.

Ministering to those who were hungry. thirsty, showing hospitality to the stranger, clothing the naked, and taking care of the sick and those in prison. This is the law of love. This is the second great commandment.

But notice what Jesus says in the last part of his Olivet discourse period in the last part of Matthew 25.  If you did it to the least of these brothers and sisters of mine.

Wasn't Jesus talking about his persecuted bride? Wasn't Jesus talking about those who are in the shadow of the cross? Where are you going to find those who need to be taken in to a safehouse?  Where are you going to find those who need clothing? Where are you going to find those who need food? Where are you going to find those who are sick. Those who are called the brothers and sisters of Jesus? Is it not those who are in the shadow of the cross?

Granted we can't go directly to cannot go directly to a nation such as North Korea, Syria, Eritrea, or other restricted, or other restricted nations.  But there are Christ centered ministries who are working in those nations that we can give to. If we would bother to do the research.

But what about prayer, Many times the cry of our brothers and sisters is pray for us.  And their plea us not pray we be taken out of the persecution. Many times their heart cry is pray that we will be faithful and endure the persecutions that we are in. Are we so cold that we can't take a few minutes and lift our brothers and sisters up in prayer.

I was not allowed to post the 24 hour prayer call crying out for Andrew Brunson. Crying out for the persecuted church. I was told that support was going for the revival conference in October. To post the call would take away support from that conference.

My question is how can we expect to have revival when we turn cold hearts to our persecuted brothers and sisters.

If we cannot love our brothers and sisters who are in the shadow of the cross. Can we really expect God to revive this American Church?


 2018/5/17 11:32


/// but I know Bear couldn't take his eyes off the monitor until someone did, you can relax now Mr. Bear. :-) ///

Sorry Bill. You got it wrong brother. I was too busy watching the monitor for persecution reports
So I can better lead my prayer calls as we pray for those who are in the shadow of the cross.


 2018/5/17 11:39

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 Re: Do Americans Care About the Persecuted Church?

There are several facets of persecution on it's way to America. But when it starts, we there be those still bullying others about it, telling them they are just crying wolf? Or will most of the church be "protesting" the persecution or better yet... will they "boycott" the persecution?! :) haha

That seems to be what most of the American church is good at... bullying, boycotting, or protesting!

I wonder which one will work? ;)


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The only bullying I see here is, bear bullying us into condemnation. :-)

Mr. Bill

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 Re: books

The first time I read Foxes book of Martyrs was about 38 years ago, I loved it and re-read it a dozen times, I loved Jesus Freaks, 1 and 2, Extreme devotion, The encyclopedia of Christian martyrs. These books are foundational in my life, giving me a perspective of the body of Christ that has helped me see past the fluffy stuff I am used to seeing and hearing.

It is a good thing to read the stories of the martyrs, and to pray for our persecuted brothers, my wife has always been worried "you'll just go to some country and get yourself martyred, then you'll be happy" ( she didn't say that in a good way.) I love their faith, I love their singleness of heart and their desire to stand for truth, live for truth and display truth in love. That is something I seek for my own life.

In teaching a group of teens ( high schoolers) I used some of the testimonies found in extreme devotion, showing them young people who found Jesus was supremely worthy and supremely important enough to give up everything for him.
I did this because our teens needed to hear about other teens and young adults living for Jesus who valued Jesus above all else.

Brother Blaine does us all a good service to exhort us to pray for and concern ourselves with the persecuted Church.
It the same Church we all belong to.


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Marvin you are one of the few who understand who are persecuted brothers and sisters are. You appreciate and teach their heritage.

I praise God for your encouraging post.

By the way Martyrs Mirror is a big book about the martydom of the Anabaptists. The accounts are very moving. Also the writings of Richard and Sabina Wurmbrandt are also moving. But then anything from the shadow of the cross I find edifying.


 2018/5/17 17:54

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I am not from America but Christians should care about other Christians from around the world and if it was not for god's grace I would be born in North Korea rather than England
I find it hard that when listening to issues there is a disconnect. There are poor and persecuted Christians in America as much as any place in the world but not as much as places like iran or North Korea
I don't want any Christian to suffer anywhere as we are all part of one body

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Do Americans Care About the Persecuted Church?

The degree of persecution in some of these countries matches the degree of dillusion of Christianity in the West.
The battle to be a true Christian in the West is just as fierce than living under Islamic rule and dictatorship.

The persecuted church helps us not to become lukewarm. We owe it to them to at least pray for them and help them where we can. I heard that the persecuted church is aware of our seduction and prays for us, too. When we pray for them, God will return blessings to us in many ways.

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