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 Does God only give??

There was some in the store the other day and they made a statment that really surprised me. They stated that "God never takes away, but only gives." Now that sounds great. I quoted Job to them (the LORD give and takes away). And they stated that "Job was in a depressive and sarcastic mood when he spoke these words."

Can someone help me out on this one?


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 Re: Does God only give??

Well I guess you could answer that sure He only gives:
Peace to the righteous,
Turmoil to the wicked
Eternal life to the Children of God,
Eternal death to the Children of the Devil.

He doesn't take away life from those who seek and he doesn't take away judgment from those opposed to Him. :-)

[i]edit[/i]Ask them this, "Does He [i]take away[/i] sin?"

Jeremy Hulsey

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Sometimes His best gifts are the things He takes away.

Ron Bailey

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 Re: It's time to question the "experts"

God never takes away, but only gives."

This bold, generalized theological statement about God's charater sounds more like the product of ignorant pride - especially considering the response to your excellent answer.

Why not do what Jesus did? He did not play the game the way his listeners - the "experts of the Law" expected. He had creative ways of making them more humble. Dig into this thing a bit in order to help the speakers learn more about themselves - and see their lack of humility and need for repentance.

Why not ask such questions as:
How did you arrive at that conclusion?
How does this belief affect your faith?
Tell me what God has been doing in your life lately.

A parent who treats his child that way would be spoiling his child. Right???????????

Those are just some wild pot shots. I'm sure that you can come up with something better - if should you visit that issue again.

In reality, the Christian walk is that of many, many losses - for everything that hinders us from pure devotion to God must be uprooted and burned.

In the end God takes every last thing away from us. Only that which will stand the severe test of the final fire will remain - for eternity.



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You can't take away what you are willing to give. What do I have that the Lord God hasn't given. we come into the world with nothing and the Lord willing we leave with eternal life. Is every question an opportunity for us to cross swords? Yes iron sharpens iron, lets look into the word for answers that will give us peace of heart and Gods glory to shine out into the darkness.
What more can God give he so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. I choose to follow in the steps of my hero and give glory and praise to the Father of Heaven and earth.

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edit Ask them this, "Does He take away sin?"

This is sheer genius. Gave a lot of joy to read it. :-D

 2005/6/30 15:53

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