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 Jesus: His goodness and beauty by Joshua Daniel

“[H]ow great is His goodness, and how great is His beauty!” (Zechariah 9:17.)

I have seen some breath-taking panoramic views of unbelievable natural beauty. But the best sights in the world cannot hold you spellbound endlessly.

In Europe, when the winter snows come down and forest and glade, meadow and mountain side are covered by a mantle of pure white, it’s when winter colds and coughs take their toll, [and] men tire even of the beautiful snow and long for the Spring and Summer.

But there is one thing of which you can never tire—Jesus’ love. To the one who has tasted Jesus’ love, it seems to get more precious and satisfying as the days go by.

“[H]ow great is His goodness, and how great is His beauty!” Only that which is good can have unfading beauty.

The ancient Greeks invested their goddesses with seductive physical beauty. But it never occurred to them that their gods could never be truly beautiful without holiness.

Again and again when poets tried to call their mental creations gods, they thought chiefly of the attribute of power, but their poor human fantasy could never think of so necessary an attribute as holiness. Surely they ought to have known that a god without holiness is no god at all.

It was only when Jesus was sent down to us that man could comprehend a little of the holiness of God.

Men and women dread the onset of age and lament the loss of physical beauty. Some have a figure which is statuesque in its dimensions, but how long does that beauty last?

When Jesus comes into your life and lifts your heavy burdens and wipes away your tears, then a strange beauty shines through your life. This is not a skin-deep beauty, but a beauty that spreads to others.

I have met some very beautiful people in my many travels, men and women of great purity, patience, and grace.

Christ-given beauty ... grows even as the years pass. Even in old age a godly woman, who has a well-spent youth behind her, is beautiful. The infirmities, sorrows, regrets, and frustrations of the wicked are painful to narrate. As old age engulfs them, they appear to grow more and more bitter, restless, irritable, and gloomy.

Life has to be taken as a whole span. Youth and manhood pass all too quickly. The strains and stresses of life take a most horrible toll. But to the one whose sins are washed in Jesus’ blood, there is a deep inward peace. There is an inner glow in his life, which surfaces in his words and actions. It is a beauty all of its own.

The great miracle that takes place when you say to Jesus, “Come right in Lord Jesus, here is my heart. It’s all Yours. Until now it was fast closed against You but now with it my life is Yours,” is hard to explain, and hard to measure with a human yardstick. The salvation is a growing experience—first the birth, the New Birth, then the growth. Unlimited vistas are open before you, boundless treasures of power and love are yours to explore and possess.

“[H]ow great is His goodness, and how great is His beauty!” I often marvel at what God has wrought in me—a man so sinful in my inclinations and bent. There certainly was no hope for me apart from Jesus.

I once woke up from a dream, which made me so sad. It was simply this: I dreamt that I had somehow slipped from the path of God. The very thought filled me with anguish. There is neither goodness nor beauty in me. All I have is from Jesus. He took my innate ugliness, meanness, and wickedness on His sinless body. He died in my place and gave me His beauty. Jesus’ beauty is an enduring beauty.

In any city suburban train, you can see them when the offices close, weary, haggard, listless, joyless, worn, and pitiful faces. There is no trace of joy on their faces—only tension. When they go home in such a state, they are sure to transmit their tensions, grumpiness, and cheerlessness to others. In fact they seem all set to explode the emotional bomb pent up in their personalities. It’s not only naughty children who are stubborn and wilful; men can be more stubborn—stubborn and stony-hearted in not yielding to Jesus.

One of the men whose company and conversation I enjoy very much was a notorious thief before his conversion. His life has become so beautiful that many are attracted to hear him. Upon a life so wicked and a nature so depraved, the Lord Jesus has etched His own beauty. Wherever he stands to speak about His beautiful Saviour, a large crowd gathers and listens to him with rapt attention.

“[H]ow great is His goodness, and how great is His beauty!”

I went into a store one day, up in the mountains of South India. Looking down at me was a fearful image with a snarling countenance, its mouth open wide exposing sharp teeth, like those of a tiger. I looked at the man at the counter and said, “Whom do you intend to frighten by that image?” The man was startled at my question.

It’s simply tragic that men cringe and tremble before demons, whose favour they try to win by costly offerings of money and long pilgrimages.

A fabulous sum is being spent today … to buy charms, amulets, mascots, relics of supposed saints, all to ward off impending evil. Astrologers and religious quacks and self-styled gurus from India are engaged in a brisk trade, offering all sorts of cures, for all kinds of obsessions and torments. What a dark world of spells and counter-spells we live in?

One woman wrote to me … how black magic has been played upon her husband so as to take him away from her. Having repented for her sins, she has come to Jesus. Yes, she has Jesus to look to. What hope and relief Jesus brings to a tortured and downtrodden soul!

When you come under the blood of Jesus, what a different world we live in. When cruelly tortured souls come to me, after several sleepless nights, when they were attacked by demons, what a wonderful Saviour I can introduce to them. When His good Hand comes upon them, the devils flee and peace and rest dawns upon them.

“[H]ow great is His goodness, and how great is His beauty!”

Dear readers, yield to Jesus now. Tell Him that you can’t live anymore with the ugliness of your life thoughts that beset you. You long that His beauty be etched upon you, His goodness to possess and guide you the rest of life’s race.

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 Re: Jesus: His goodness and beauty by Joshua Daniel

Very beautiful post. My parents watch this man every Sunday on TV and my mother never tires of telling how blessed she is by his sharing, having read this I can see why......bro Frank

 2018/5/2 14:37

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