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And this thread has been Resurrected.. :-)

Mr. Bill

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 Re: resurrect

This thread may be able to be resurrected, but not this prophecy in Isaiah 17:1 which has undoubtedly been fulfilled!

K&D commentary on Isaiah 17 Verses 1-3

The first turn: “Behold, Damascus must (be taken) away out of the number of the cities, and will be a heap of fallen ruins. The cities of Aroer are forsaken, they are given up to flocks, they lie there without any one scaring them away. And the fortress of Ephraim is abolished, and the kingdom of Damascus; and it happens to those that are left of Aram as to the glory of the sons of Israel, saith Jehovah of hosts.” “Behold,” etc.: (hinnēh) followed by a participle indicates here, as it does everywhere else, something very near at hand. Damascus is removed מעיר (= עיר מהיות, cf., 1 Kings 15:13), i.e., out of the sphere of existence as a city. It becomes מעי, a heap of ruins. The word is used intentionally instead of עי, to sound as much as possible like מעיר: a mutilated city, so to speak. It is just the same with Israel, which has made itself an appendage of Damascus. The “cities of Aroer” (gen. appos. Ges. §114, 3) represent the land to the east of the Jordan: there the judgment upon Israel (executed by Tiglath-pileser) first began. There were two Aroers: an old Amoritish city allotted to the tribe of Reuben, viz., “Aroer on the Arnon” (Deuteronomy 2:36; Deuteronomy 3:12, etc.); and an old Ammonitish one, allotted to the tribe of Gad, viz., “Aroer before Rabbah” (Rabbath, Ammon, Joshua 13:25). The ruins of the former are Arair, on the lofty northern bank of the Mugib; but the situation of the latter has not yet been determined with certainty (see Comm. on Joshua 13:25). The “cities of Aroer” are these two Aroers, and the rest of the cities similar to it on the east of the Jordan; just as “the Orions” in Isaiah 13:10 are Orion and other similar stars. We meet here again with a significant play upon the sound in the expression (‛ârē) (‛Aro‛ēr) (cities of Aroer): the name of Aroer was ominous, and what its name indicated would happen to the cities in its circuit. ערער means “to lay bare,” to pull down (Jeremiah 51:58); and ערער, ערירי signifies a stark-naked condition, a state of desolation and solitude. After Isaiah 17:1 has threatened Damascus in particular, and Isaiah 17:2 has done the same to Israel, Isaiah 17:3 comprehends them both. Ephraim loses the fortified cities which once served it as defences, and Damascus loses its rank as a kingdom. Those that are left of Aram, who do not fall in the war, become like the proud citizens of the kingdom of Israel, i.e., they are carried away into captivity. All this was fulfilled under Tiglath-pileser. The accentuation connects ארם שׁאר (the remnant of Aram) with the first half of the verse; but the meaning remains the same, as the subject to יהיוּ is in any case the Aramaeans.

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Isiah 17:1

A pronouncement concerning Damascus: Look, Damascus is no longer a city. It has become a ruined heap.

The pronouncement above says that "Damascus is no longer a city. It has become a ruined heap." So how do you account for the fact that Damascus is still around and occupied today?

 2018/4/30 20:25

 Re: Ezek.38 -39

Ezekiel 38 got to messed to clean up. But if you read or listen to those chapters. There is no way that one can reasonably say that those prophecies have been fulfilled in Ezekiel. To understand those chapters you have to look at a future fulfillment.

Looking at those chapters and the background behind them. There will be a future invasion of Israel which will be led by Turkey, Russia, and Iran. Those events seem to be lining up in the Middle East today.

We do well to wake up and look up. For our redemption is drawing near.

 2018/4/30 20:36

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Bear that is a dispensational/left behind way of looking at things and you can certainly do that.

But even Tim LaHaye, Mr Left Behind himself stated that Is 17:1 was fulfilled near the time of Isaiah’s writing.


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 Re: Israel Retaliates Against Iranian Rocket Attacks


 2018/5/10 9:57

 Re: Joel Richardson interviews Dalton Thomas

Very informed well-balanced perspective.


 2018/5/12 13:24

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