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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Danger: Freemasonary in the church and the Occult in the Church!

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Takes a really wonderful Christian to talk bad about a dead Brother in Christ... :-( Must be wonderful to be such a perfect solder.

For the record, this comment was directed at the OP only.

Mr. Bill

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I just finished watching an amazing program on FOX that highlighted the ministry of Billy Graham. Yes, he preached in large stadiums, but he also preached in Communist Russia, North Korea, in prisons often one on one. Nothing was too big or too small for Billy Graham to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and if Billy Graham was a Mason, I can only believe that there are many Masons that heard the gospel and received Christ as Lord and savior.

Marvin, one thing that you should of liked about Billy Graham is that he was not a Word of Faith Man.


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Mike: Ive read Evangelist Grahams books and listened to his sermons over the years. Yes, I am glad he was not W.O.F. but more than being glad for what he was not, I am glad for what God made him. Praise the Lord for who he raises up to preach the gospel.

I personally do not believe Billy Graham was a Mason anymore than I believe I am a Muslim.


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Date: Wed, 16 Jul 97 11:23:21 -0500

From: (Don Kinde)

Thank you for your e-mail message. We understand your concern about rumors that Mr. Graham is in some way associated with Freemasonry. The reports are erroneous — though we continue to hear them. Mr. Graham is not, has not been and does not expect ever to be involved in Freemasonry. Your help in keeping the record as accurate as possible would be much appreciated.


Don Kinde
Christian Guidance Department
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

So that should answer that question beyond a shadow of a doubt. Billy Graham was not a Freemason, period.

I think there is very little solid evidence that Billy Graham himself was a free mason. His endorsement of one Rev. who was involved in a lodge is simply not proof that he was a mason. Billy Graham wrote 10,000's of endorsements in his life-time and to have 1-2 of those people involved in lodges is only probable as some influential christians still are tied up into this cult.

It is undeniable that still there are well known Christian leaders who are involved in Freemasonary. Let us champion to speak against why this is wrong in general and not try and find accusations of "possible" affiliations unless it is clear. God will judge all in due time.

Charles Finney was a mason and left it and wrote an excellent volume about the errors of Free Masonary.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Dominic writes.........

"Frank are you against freemasonry, to me the largest question is being ignored as it is in the church"

100% totally against it, it is evil. Billy Graham endorsed many many in his life none more so than Pope John Paul. Yet, long before John Paul came along, not long after Vatican 2 Billy said this " “I find myself closer to Catholics than the radical Protestants. I think the Roman Catholic Church today is going through a second Reformation.”

He was wrong of course and continued to be wrong on all matters relating to Catholicism. Many Scottish Christians rejected Billy Graham because he infamously gave Catholics the advise that if they were saved at a rally, they should return to the Catholic church.

This is a short youtube by MacArthur where he reads out the transcripts of a Billy Graham interview, Billy's thoughts and doctrines may surprise many, but ex-Catholics will not be surprised.

Php 1:18  What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice. 

For this reason I rejoice in the people that actually came to a saving knowledge of Jesus through the proclamation of the Gospel by Billy Graham but I must ask this question "Was Billy Graham greater than Jesus?" The obvious answer is no and yet they hated Jesus, the rulers and the religions and the people hated Him and Jesus told us that if they hated Him they would hate us also because we are not greater than out Master.

There have been certain people that have been universally loved by this world in recent times, Billy Graham was one, Princess Diana was another and people like Mother Theresa. With all of these examples people would say something like " if they could not get to heaven then no one could." Of course this is not true, but the world has always had notions like this. In Jesus day, the Pharisees were universally loved by the people. They seemingly lived a life of poverty and outwardly their "cups were clean." They were pious and the people thought that they were the upper rungs of all things spiritual and religious and if they could not get to heaven, no one could.

Jesus taught the exact opposite. He said that "except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.(Mat 5:20) In that day the people were astonished that Jesus was basically saying that not only were these people not the top rung of the ladder, they were barely even the bottom rung. People have not changed and neither has the message of Jesus................bro Frank

 2018/3/13 12:06

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Billy Graham wasn’t a perfect
man, but he preached the gospel
to all.

To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.
(1 Cor. 9:22)


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