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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The true power of the saint.

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 The true power of the saint.

The true power of those who walk the Kingdom walk lies not in an alleviation of circumstances but an elevation of Spiritual awareness.To enter into the Glory. Just one glimpse of His glory elevates us high above the circumstances of our lives. His Glory is the updraft that raises us high above our circumstances. To look into the eyes of Glory means to rise above the storms of this world. There is no set of chains that can restrain the child of God. There is no trial on earth that can hold our bodies down. When we see His Glory, when we fix our eyes on His majesty then no matter what our circumstances are we begin to rise up.

There is a heavenly choir of glory that beckons us to come up. The only thing that can hold us down is our own hands. When we let go of our circumstance and lift our eyes up to Jesus that name which is above every name, then we begin to rise up. Will you lift your eyes towards heaven today saint? The Lord sees you in the midst of your trial, can you see Him? Will you let go today? Will you release your grasp today from the circumstances which threaten to destroy you? No matter how terrifying this may seem, will you let go today, there is glory that awaits you. Lift you voice in praise today, let it rise up to heaven itself and suddenly you will find yourself in the midst of Glory......bro Frank

 2018/3/4 11:04

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 Re: The true power of the saint.

Amen. Good reminder, God bless bro dmiller


 2018/3/4 17:31Profile

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 Re: The true power of the saint.

Amen Frank!

One of Smith Wigglesworth's favorite songs:
"Only believe, only believe, all things are possible
Only believe!"


 2018/3/5 3:27Profile


Hi William, I love the testimony of Wigglesworth. It is said he awoke one night to see a dark figure at the foot of his bed and he said "Oh, it's only you," and went back to sleep. ............bro Frank

 2018/3/6 9:29


Thank you bro D.............bro Frank

 2018/3/6 9:29

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