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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Solemn warnings again in church this morning

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 Solemn warnings again in church this morning

The Trump era, for however long it lasts, will only be a reprieve before a onslaught of wickedness, evil and violence will be poured out in increasing intensity. Trump is not there by accident but by divine appointment for the time being and it shouldn't be suprising why so much resistance is swirling around him. Social disintegration will not be entirely stopped by a secular presidency but the church is going to catch a new wind so to speak and prosper and grow as it seeks to rise to its appointed destiny. It will be stridently opposed by the secular world and viewpoint even as many souls come to the Lord. The controversy of Jerusalem and who should be its rightful owners will increase. Likely you all have heard this before but it seems it is beginning to be emphasized more and more as saints get together. The way the church will pass through these times is standing on the word TOGETHER and combatting fear and being willing to lay all we are and have down for the Lord.

Matthew 7:24-27

David Winter

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 Re: Solemn warnings again in church this morning

Agreed brother David,
It’s also interesting to note the changes not only in the positive (getting legislation passed, increased approval ratings, memos, exposure of internal corruption, etc...) but also to the negative where we see his opposition rocked back on its heels and attempting to dig in/double down on its positions- since he officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital back in December. There has been a readily observable shift, for those who care to look, whereby it appears that many realize the significance of such a declaration.

It’s also interesting to note that tho Israel is tiny in land mass and population, it has an enormous influence and contributes way beyond its seeming capacity. Quite remarkable actually that any nation so small welds such power.... Israel ranks so very high in a plethora of categories that it is mind boggling.
Going forward the alliance between the two nations will surely be tested but hopefully that will only serve to strengthen the ties that bind.


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 Re: Solemn warnings again in church this morning

These very same thoughts are what I believe to be the case as well. Thanks for posting this.


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