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 Can We Pray Such a Prayer???

A man with a 6th grade education prayed an adacious prayer. Some would even say it was presumptuous. But this was a man who knew his God and had faith that God would answer his prayers.

The man prayed,

"Lord bring Scotland back to you through me."

The man who prayed the above prayer was D L Moody. He was not a seminary graduate nor a theologian. He had at best a 6th grade education.  But this was a man who knew that God answered his  prayers.

How could Moody pray such an audacious prayer.  For that matter can we pray such an adacious prayer to say God bring America back to you through me?  Can we expect to see our prayers answered?

Can we expect to see God answer our prayers for revival? Must we wait for the revival conference in Southern California. Or can we expect to see God hear our prayers for a moving of His Spirit. Can we expect to see God move mountains to bring a spiritual awakening to this nation?

The message below from the Sermonindex archives should encourage you. And yet it should stun you with the simple answer. The question is will we hear it and soak ourselves in the book.


 2018/2/24 13:00

 Re: Can We Pray Such a Prayer???

Is it possible that the power of our prayers is increased in proportion to the amount of time we spend absorbed in the word?

If so, can we be the Moody's of our age? Can we pray adacious prayers such as God bring America back to you through me? Is this presumptuous to think?

Can we not be the ones in those prayer meetings that the prayer leader would look at and say brother or sister pray? Please pray. Please pray for God to break through here.


 2018/2/24 16:25


Billy Graham and David Wilkerson have passed on into the arms of Jesus. The torch has been passed into our hands. The question is what are we going to do with it?

We can be the David wilkerson's and the Billy Graham's multiplied by thousands. All we need to do is soak and immerse ourselves in the word of God. I believe the amount of time that we spend in the word of God will increase the power of our prayers proportionately.

Unless one believes that Keith Daniels is preaching heresy. Can it be really be as simple as immersing ourselves and reading the word verse upon verse, chapter by chapter, book by book, until faith begins to well up in our hearts that all things are possible with God?

Must we depend upon the brother Brian's and the brother Edgar's to stir our hearts to pray for revival. Or must we wait for several months for a revival conference to come along to promot us to pray for revival.

Or can we do what brother Keith Daniels exhorts us to do and that is soak in the word of God. And to believe by faith that our prayers could be answered if we dare to say God bring America back to you through me?

Imagine if today we start spending extended time reading and soaking in the word. And dare to start praying the audacious prayer to say God bring this nation back to you through me. And imagine if revival started even before the conference was held at Shane Idleman's church.

Does anybody in the Forum have the faith or the courage to believe such as possible? I would like to think that I would be one person who would believe such.

Will anyone join me to soak in the word and start praying this nation back through our prayers? Will anyone join me in praying that God will bring his church back to him through our prayers?

All we need to do is return to the word of God. To return to the Bible and spend extended time and it and let prayers flow from our time with God.


 2018/2/24 18:03

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