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 with an accent, human sounds like immune

hey fam.

i have been pondering and praying over this post for quite some time. it wasnt until i read the 'have we become so immune' post that i was prompted to write this.

i have a story, now, it is a very interesting one to say the least. you can discern it on your on, share your thoughts because im still curious about it.

i was walking (evangelizing) around down town, regina, in the park. after talking to a few people i decided to sit on one of the benches. i was praying, when a couple of guys sat down beside me. he started a conversation with me like he knew me.
he asked me what i was doing that day.
i told him, listening to peoples stories.
he asked why.
i said, because, id imagine Jesus listening to peoples stories.
then his eyes opened wider and a big smile overtook face. then he started to tell me about his passion for christian unity in churches. and how he wants to be a change for that. he continued on about how sad it is to see so many churches divide over doctrines. etc. (you know how it goes)

this is where the story gets interesting. while he was talking, i was sitting on a bench with my back against the back of the bench and every time he said something i could feel the vibrations of his voice against my back.

anyways, he went on about how he would go to all types of churches to see their worship and kind of judge it. not say if its right or wrong, but if its good or bad. (funny the dichotomy) he said there are some churches where the spirit is and how fresh it is at certain churches and at others the spirit is dry and almost not present.

i brought up how there was a concert/outreach/show/ i dont know what to call it, but it was a day of worship where 5 different congregations in the park(where we were sitting) would have time slots in the day to play their style of worship. it was for unity purposes.

he really liked that idea and i agreed. he continued on about church and worship for a few minutes.
during this time, i noticed a first nations man looking down on his luck. he staggered to one of the benches a stones throw away from us. he put his feet up and laid down and fell asleep.
then i looked at him and said, brother, i appreciate your heart. but i have a question for you? have you ever imagined at the end of time, when the Christ walks the earth again. (this is a scenario i made up in my own head) but do you ever think about the fruit were encouraged to make? that at judgement day, before all is said and done and were all entering eternity. do you ever imagine Jesus biting into the fruit you produced and then him spitting it out because of how bad it is? Or even if he would enjoy it? can you imagine him savoring those bites of the good fruit you produced? or the disgust He has?
he said he never thought of that, and thought that was a cool scenario. then he asked why i asked that.

i said, look at that man thats sleeping on the street with no home to go to. i said, thats the fruit the church of north america has produced, and its sitting there rotting.
at this moment, he like coughed or kind of convulsed, he didnt collapse, but kind of leaned forward a bit, then he was sitting like this for a couple seconds and then he got up, and asked what i meant? but when he asked me this, and from this point on, his voice was a higher pitch and his voice wasnt vibrating the back of the bench anymore.

i said, someone asked Jesus, whats the greatest commandment. Jesus said, to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind. this is the first and greatest, the next is to love your neighbor as yourself. on these 2 hang all the laws and the prophets.
then i said, look, first nations people were your first neighbors. all of you, every single person that has come to this part of the world since 1492, we as native people were your first neighbors. and since the church was the most responsible for your migration, your church had the obligation to be Jesus to us. instead, your church did all kinds of abuses towards us, physical, sexual, mental. (if you disagree look up residential schools) there is no churches here that specifically deal with these people.
i said, i been to several different churches here and they all treated me horrible. a few places didnt acknowledge me, one church asked me to leave because i was a little late, and as i was walking out the ushers followed us out and im assumming it was so i wouldnt dig around in anyones pockets. yeah theres evangelists here, but the residential schools that churches made beat Jesus into all these natives already, so its no use to preach the gospel, a bunch of them i talked to already know Jesus and tell me they know him, but yet these evangelists are more concerned about numbers then the human in them, the adam. i have heard a preachers like Lenoard Ravenhill and Jim Cymbala (im pretty sure, a few sermons anyways and its almost always cut off before the speakers can finish) make mention to pray for these people specifically.
i said, so many people spend money on missions for people across the ocean forgetting about the people here. the first nations people here dont need a new defintion of Jesus, but a new demonstration of Jesus (Ravenhill quote) we are the ministers of reconciliation but people would rather spend money on things other than the first nations people. one thing i always say, if your not working with people for christ here (spreading the gospel, aka evanglizing) what makes you think you will do it in some other country? if your not doing it now? what makes you think you will do it then? (which can be said for almost anything, if your not repenting now, what makes you think you'll repent later. or if your not fasting now, what makes you think you'll fast later? etc.)
i said, the government is doing them even more damage by giving them welfare. because they give em welfare the rest of the world think we get all these privileges from the government. when its all a lie, theres so much misinformation about canadian and first nations relations. but thats not the case, the case is that the church has failed in loving its neighbor. and that fruit over there thats rotting, thats the fruit your churches will have to give to Jesus.
at this, he looked shocked and got up and left.

what does this have to do with the immune post?



there is so much injustice towards first nations people, its constant thing, native people are a persecuted people. and its not even injustice, theres over 1200 murdered and missing first nations woman. anyways, it might not be as dramatic as a persecuted christian in turkey, but the persecution for a first nations person comes in forms of racism, stereotyping, prejudices, etc. even their spirituality is persecuted. (even within this there is so much conflict, but it needs to be talked about)
because of these things, suicide is so high for native youth, were not killed because of a faith, but because of hatred of oneself that was fueled by racism etc. this is an interesting point because where these stats are for youth suicide, there in mostly christian environments. anyways, there is so much statistics to show that growing up first nations in canada is a bad idea. canada is trying really hard to reconcile with the first nations people but its really hard when the a majority of christians are racists themselves. and thats quite frankly what the whole issue is about. because sometimes when some people are blunty told about(it can be racist undertones, or even riding the high horse) their weaknesses or areas their short sighted in, they still wont listen but yet try be more spiritual because of a calling or mantel they think they were given to carry because of the 'passions'. or the simple fact that they can deny it and not need to change shows that their the most blind ones. the good ol, let me grab that speck out of your eye, dont be bothered by my log though, its been there you just gotta be careful while i grab that speck, trick.

anyways, have we become so immune to loving our neighbors? like in a literal context? your wife? your husband? kids? the people you live beside? then the peoples land you live on? have you become so immune to loving them? or have we become immune to the fact they exist so we go on life without being aware of them? or have you become grateful for the land your on because my ancestors helped your people survive the winters? (got to be careful of revisionist history that tells you it was the colonies that saved the indians, because the colonies never experienced anything this side of the world and people already here new how to live and survive) heck, they even saved good ol chris columbus when he was lost at sea.

anyways, im not saying what i said in my story was a judgment and thats what is going to happen. that the church will be judged soley on those 2 commandments that Jesus said blatently. (but what if?) anyways, ill leave that to the Christ.

and who knows the blessings of being obedient to those 2 commands?

but in the end, like one of the other brothers said, theres nothing new under the sun.


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Regina, Sk

 Re: with an accent, human sounds like immune

heres another story.

i was walking around downtown again. i was with a brother this day, we did the same thing. walked where the spirit prompted, talked to those we were prompted (you know how it goes) i had my back pack full of tracts and bibles. today would seem to be more successful than other days, but it wasnt because i was giving out tracts and having the proper doctrine. the reason why so many people were so open to me was because of how i looked. everyone that i gave tracts to were so eager to grab them, almost excited to reach out and take them. then when they seen what i gave them, they were like, oh. what are these.
i said, these are tracts that talk about the Gospel of Jesus. they then started laughing and gave em back to me.
they said, oh yeah, we got Jesus already, (this was a pretty common phrase they said to me) i thought you were a DJ handing out pamphlets for the rave tonight.
i shrugged, smiled and then gave it back, and when i did that everyone just took the tracts back. probably 8 people did this that day.
anyways, we kept walking around. then we decided to sit down on a bench again. as we sat there, we started to hear these loud noises, like whistles, shouts, screams. it sounded like a party. we kept chilling on the bench and as we sat there, it got louder. then this guy and his partner came and sat beside us. the guy noticed my bible in my lap and then asked, what you gonna do? beat up the crowd thats coming.
i looked behind us and all of a sudden it was the pride parade and they were about to start walking in front of us.
i said, nah, id probably want to hear there stories and where their from. then he said, why, so you can beat them up with your bible? you and your buddy look like you can handle this big crowd if they were offended. (not sure what he meant, maybe a race thing; because my buddy is a big native guy and i am by no means threatening, unless your threatened by native people)
nah, i said. you wanna know what's crazy? (as the crowd was walking by) i pointed to them and said, are you aware of what scripture says about that kind of lifestyle?

wheres your rocks? you gonna go put them down? he responded.

you know whats interesting? i said.

here we are, watching a pride parade go by. and its directly opposite of scripture, that is very clear what happens to them, yet, they still want to be open and love this kind of lifestyle. they can even take this bible and twist the words of scripture to make it say what they want so they can justify their lifestyles. thats not the interesting part. the interesting part is how much authority every single one of you and your people (ancestors) used it in a way to dominate and destroy the native people of this continent. the bible and church were strictly used to steal the lands and force the native people into schools. they then proceeded to beat kids senseless, sexually abuse and mentally harm all those native kids. they were beaten because they spoke their language, they were beaten if they didnt pray. and they said it was the bible that declared this. this nation, canada and the americas, were solely built on christianity or the word of God. now look. were all those native kids beaten senseless because the bible, and now the same people that did that, now say homosexuality is right? were those crying kids trying to communicate fear and misunderstanding, because they couldnt speak english, beaten so that people can just live a lifestyle that the King of Kings despises? look at the history of your people and look now. how do you think the Christ will respond?

he sat there in silence. the parade continued.

quietly, he said, you know. my parents were ministers and they sent me to teen challenge for a few years in my teens. i really appreciated all they did they. i have never really returned home. i have never heard it from your perspective. then his partner interrupted and said, can i have a rave pamphlet.

i smiled at her. and as i was about to say something, the guy got up and told her that there not pamphlets. with that, they left.

both are true stories by the way.

Heres another newspaper link for another injustice that happened thursday, no surprise the court was in favor of the caucasian male...

i agreed with one brother, that nothing is new under the sun, not sure if this is one of those things...


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Regina, Sk


on another note, i have been told by some pastors that billy graham used to say, 'the natives are the sleeping giants of the church that will wake up one day and bring america to Christ'

if this is true, where will you be when it happens? at the front? middle? or behind because you missed out or to concerned about other 'kingdom buisness'


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Brother Daniel!

Thank you for posting these stories!

I am still processing them and considering them.

My sense is that we could learn A LOT from your stories, your life and your experience in knowing Christ Jesus.

You posting on this forum encourages me greatly.

With sincere love,



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 Re: with an accent, human sounds like immune


I soooo hear you and understand. Often I think there are those who think they can “hoodwink” God with their religiosity. It didn't happen when Jesus talked with the rich young ruler, it's not happening now and it's not going to happen later. God's Salvation through His Son Jesus Christ bears His fruit. Your post have comforted me. Many prayers with/for you and hugs my brother in Christ.

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