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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : The Gates of Schools - Mike Fusilier

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"If you speak in tongues you have to ask for interpretation".

Who do you ask?

Mr. Bill

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Alberta, Canada


What that woman said is an insult to those with mental illnesses.

Allan Halton

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Mr. Bill,

1 Corinthians 14 has the answer to your question. When we pray in tongues, it is our spirit that is praying, but our understanding is unfruitful. Apostle Paul said “I will pray with my spirit, and I will pray with my understanding. Many times we are praying about situations in which we do not know what the will of God is, but the Holy Spirit knows, and when we allow the Holy Spirit to pray through us, then we are praying into the perfect will of God.

The gift of tongues in the Church should always have an interpretation, either by the person that has given the utterance or someone else in the church. The gift of tongues and interpretation are equivalent to the gift of prophesy.


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 Re: Brother Mike

Thanks Brother Mike, that's in layman's terms I can understand. I just never knew much or anything about tongues, and I guess that's ok.

Mr. Bill

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Speaking in tongues is different than praying in tongues..

I’m away for a couple of days.


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 Re: Gates of School

Gates of the Yellow Submarine -

Public School
Public School
Teaching Our Children
The Golden Rule

Are They Successful
You Tell Me
Where's The Next Generation
Gonna Be

What's Johnny Learning
In That Class
Maybe The Science
Of How To Grow Grass

Anything But
The Fear Of The Lord
Because Long Ago
They Cut That Cord

Here A Little There A Little
From The Knowledge Tree
While Others Are At Home
On Bended Knee

How About An Encore
And Some Applause
Or Maybe You Can Just
Join In Some Good Cause

Palatable Pliable
And Pragmatist
We All Make
Our Very Own List

Everyone's Welcome
So Come As You Are
With A Positive Attitude
You Can Go Far

The State Church Model
Is The American Way
The Separation Declaration
Has Seen Its Day

Out Of The Many
One And All
That's The Reason Why
This Land Must Fall

The Christian Pilgrim
Is No More
She's Jumped Into Bed
With The American Whore

I Hear Some People Shouting
That's Just Not True
As The Crowd Joins In
With A Big Loud Boo

Go Home To Your School
And Leave Us Be
While This Little Piggy
Goes Wee Wee Wee

The Wolf Came A Prowling
As He Saw Them All Alone
Cause All Their Parents Were Too Busy Talking On Their Smartphone

Crazy As It Seems
This Has Become The Norm
Not Making Preparation
For The Coming Storm

Hide And Seek
Is The Game We Play
And We Tell Ourselves
We've Not Gone Astray

We Socialize Our Children
As We Roll The Dice
They Must Grow Up And Be Men
Not Blind Mice

Come Out From Among Them
No Longer Does Apply
It Just Don't Mix
With Our American Apple Pie

Have It Your Way
If It Feels Good To You
The Older And The Wiser
Just Don't Have A Clue

Send Them All To College
So They Can Succeed
Degrees And Academics
Is What They Really Need

It's A Safe Environment
I'm Pretty Sure
To Send Your Sons And Daughters
If You Wanna Keep Them Pure

Our Lord Is Not A Despot
But Merely Gives You His Opinion
He Doesn't Want To Make You
Into A Mindless Minion

It's The 21st Century
The Information Age
Just Set Yourself Free
And Get Out Of That Cage

We Are The World
And We Know What We're Doing
We Have New Rules
And Don't Prohibit Gum-chewing

It's Easy To Imagine
If You'll Only Try
Sorta Like That Picture
That's More Than Meets The Eye

Come Into My Parlor
Just Avoid The Web
I Promise It's Not Viral
Nor Is My Name Deb

You Will See More Clearly
Once The Rain Is Gone
Together In Eternity
We'll Live On And On

We've Graduated From Blind Faith
To A Higher Education
Exalting Ourselves Above God
And Made Us A Great Nation

Again No Child Left Behind
All Now Know Their ABC'S
Just Send Them To Our Public School
And Get Off Your Stinkin Knees

- RF -

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