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Acts 8:27 And he arose and went: and, behold, a man of Ethiopia, an eunuch of great authority under Candace queen of the Ethiopians, who had the charge of all her treasure, and had come to Jerusalem for to worship,

This scripture is about an Ethiopian man of great authority, a treasurer of Candice the title given to an Ethiopian Queen. This great man travelled all the way from the horn(corner) of Africa to worship God in Jerusalem in Israel. The distance between the two places is 2564km, multiply that by 2 and you get how many kilometres he travelled to and from just to go and worship. I have researched and found out that he travelled 75days to go and another 75days coming back. That's a total of 150days, or 5 months! He was indeed hungry for God. Funny we live just a Stone's throw away from our places of worship but always never go to worship God, and whenever we go, that is if we ever go at all, we are always late! God forbid!

This great man would sacrifice almost half of the year just to go to worship. Are you a great man/woman? Rich? Respected? Educated? Then learn from this humble and God loving eunuch whose education and riches were a vehicle that took him to places of worship. Where is your education, riches, greatness taking you? Blessed are you amongst men if you wealthy and greatness is driving your closer and closer to God. God bless you

In Jerusalem was the "temple of God," beautiful and majestic in its making, with two high priests Annas and Caiaphas(Luke 3:3) - "great teachers of the law" who always fought Jesus Christ until they managed to turn all the congregants against their Savior and thereby making them as evil and hypocritical as they were......and even more. This evilness pushed Jesus Christ out and made Him to operate more from without the walls of their temple. Blind men enjoyed leading other blind men! No wonder when the eunuch came to worship he went back confused in scripture. The "all knowing" priests had done nothing to enlighten him. They had chased away and crucified the Light of the world, now they were paying the price by living and conducting their worship services in darkness. All the while Jesus was "standing on the door knocking."

This is how our Churches have become. We too have built our empires that we run in our own ways to achieve our own results. We pushed the Light of the world away, and now we are going on with our worship services without Him. We have forgotten about the fear of God; in place of the Creator we are now worshiping the creature. Like in the temple of Jerusalem, we too are no longer at all with Jesus Christ anymore. The church members now know more of blessings more than they know about the Blesser. They now know that protection comes from "anointed" things more than they know about the Anointer. They bow before their "fathers" more than they bow before Our Father. They do not love their neighbour as God instructed, instead they compete with their neighbours in all aspects of life within the yardstick of "blessedness." "I am more blessed than you," they always chant. God is not in their midst and little or nothing is known about Jesus Christ the Prince of peace in their spheres of life.

Better was the Ethiopian eunuch for he read the Bible and failed to understand it. We, in our time, do not read the Bible at all. The closer to the Bible we can get is when we forward WhatsApp messages that we half read before we forward in hope of "getting blessed if you forward to seven people." God punish the devil! What kind of Christians are we?

In verse 35, after Philip appeared before the eunuch, the Bible says, "he preached unto him Jesus." Disciple of Christ find a Church that is led by a Philip of today. A man or woman who shall teach you about Jesus Christ until, like the eunuch, you too may see that although all along you were "worshiping" you were only doing so in darkness, and that you need Jesus Christ like now! How will you love Jesus Christ when you do not Him? How will you believe Him whom you have never heard? Hey believer you are responsible for your own growth in Christ. Christianity is not all about blessings and being blessed - that's a lie! Christianity is being a witness for the Kingdom that never fades. Being a message to the world, being the light to the world, being ministers of reconciliation to the lost world and bringing back to God what Christ has already redeemed by His death. Storming fearlessly the gates of hell and depopulating it for Christ! Its all in the Bible

Stop being lied to! Stop stop stop! Get out of that "church" that obscures your sight of Christ. Without Christ there's no worship. Without Him there's no way, without Him you are just a bunch of good for nothing demon infested devil's grandchildren heading for hell. I do not care you have a beautiful building that you call church but as long as Christ is out of it, knocking at the door willing to sup with you while you are busy supping without Him, then, that my brother is not a church. For the record, a Church is not a building like the temple of Jerusalem, but just a group of believers of Christ fellowshipping in the company of their Creator in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Here's the message to the Churches today:
"Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." Rev 3:20

Let's open up for Jesus Christ!

Nobert Mazunze

 2018/2/11 5:56Profile

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