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 alone christian....

I just saw this posted in Facebook...
"If you say you're a Christian, but you don't attend church, you're probably going to hell."

your thoughts, Saints?

 2018/1/27 13:11

Joined: 2005/6/6
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Campbell River, B.C.

 Re: alone christian....

I wasn't aware that church attendance was necessary for salvation.

Is it possible this person is misquoting Hebrews 10:24,25 "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is..."

Can I ask who posted it?

Nigel Holland

 2018/1/27 15:18Profile

Joined: 2012/2/8
Posts: 5054

 Re: alone christian....

I think, in general now, that a true Christian would usually desire to go to church to fellowship and worship with other believers.

The quote is intended to prick the conscious of those who claim to be Christian but exhibit no fruit in their lives.


 2018/1/27 15:36Profile

Joined: 2004/10/13
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 Re: alone christian....

There ya go, and I always thought that we Christian s were the church and not some physical building.!


 2018/1/27 16:14Profile

Joined: 2012/2/8
Posts: 5054


True but even the truest and most devout heroes of the faith went to church(or pastored a church).

In our society true Christians generally gather together, whether in a large building or someone’s home.

Again I am speaking in generalities and I am not saying you can’t be a Christian if you don’t attend church or gather with other believers.


 2018/1/27 17:27Profile

Joined: 2005/5/2
Posts: 3776


The trouble with quoting a propositional claim like this taken from Facebook is that it lacks context. It seems like an angry self-righteous poster who has a bone to pick.

The internet can be a cesspool of "clickbait" titles and topics. It's like people are constantly throwing out "sticks", to see who will fetch them, tug against them, or at least click "like". We do well to ignore most of these "sticks" tossed our way - especially the ones that defile our peace, rob our joy, and deplete our mental energy.

The quote is intended to prick the conscious of those who claim to be Christian but exhibit no fruit in their lives.

Prick the conscious - or condemn. I wonder...


 2018/1/27 21:34Profile

Joined: 2012/2/8
Posts: 5054


//Prick the conscious - or condemn. //

It’s a fine line and I agree I would not trust a Facebook post in that regard.


 2018/1/27 22:29Profile

Joined: 2008/10/30
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 Re: alone __________

You have heard it's been said on Facebook, ________________...


Simon says, ________________...


I must go now, I've got to scratch my ears.


You have heard it's been said, Facebook is ______________...

but I say, if you even look at Facebook to learn from her, you may be famous one day and go viral, and even make the headlines.

Multiple choice: answer a,b,c,d


a) church
b) heaven
c) hell
d) purgatory

And this little piggy went __

a) home
b) to grandmother's house
c) to market
d) to church

It's beginning to feel alot like __

a) christmas
b) superbowl sunday
c) easter
d) 2018

I voted for __

a) fun
b) none
c) him
d) her

How's your __

a) love life
b) worship
c) hygiene
d) daily devotions

A real man is __

a) one who let's women define what a real man is
b) one who loves his wife if he is loving her the way she says he is supposed to love her
c) one who takes his family to the church his wife wants to go to
d) all of the above

The proof is in the __

a) pudding
b) the Facebook post
c) science laboratory
d) flat earth

How much is __

a) that baby in the window
b) 2+2
c) that Mercedes
d) your bail

Last question,

Everything is __

a) beautiful
b) relative
c) about you
d) your imagination'd you do?

Pass or Fail?

If you got them all wrong, you passed.

If you got them all right, you failed.

Wether you pass or fail this test may mean that you are going to hell.

One more question,

The best way to waste your time is __

a) on Facebook
b) watching the superbowl
c) reading posts
d) sleeping

Til next time...

 2018/1/28 7:38Profile

Joined: 2005/2/24
Posts: 3134


There is nothing in the Bible that say's were are to know it all, or that we are expected to know it all. Praise Jesus!

Mr. Bill

 2018/1/28 9:43Profile

Joined: 2008/10/30
Posts: 1865

 Re: it's 9:43 do you know where you are going

Hey Mr. Bill, I see that you posted at 9:43am on Sunday morning (the christian sabbath).

According to Facebook chapter 1 verse 101 you may be going to hell. Because, hasn't the WORSHIP SERVICE started already. And by logical deduction you aren't attending church.

BTW... how'd you do on the test?

 2018/1/28 10:58Profile

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