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 Featured Sermon: Seeking God by Hans R. Waldvogel


I encourage anyone who has not heard this message or the ministry of Hans Waldvogel to listen. He was an excellent brother who sought the Lord diligently in his day.

Excerpt of the message:

“Every one that seeketh findeth.” Now, Jesus said that. And of course, He has reference to finding Him, finding God. “Ye shall seek for Me, and ye shall find Me, in the day when ye shall seek for Me with your whole heart.” Finding God: why, that’s the very object of our salvation—to be reconciled to God. Salvation consists in knowing God. How many, many people miss it! How very, very few people in the world know God! You can tell it when you travel through the world and meet with works and ministers. The great complaint is like it was by the prophet Jeremiah: the priests knew not the Lord. How differently they would act and live and minister if they knew the Lord! How different our conventions would turn out if those in charge knew the Lord! But why don’t we know Him? Jesus says, “Every one that seeketh findeth.” Findeth what? Why, findeth God. Are we seeking God? Are we really seeking God? Then we shall find Him. God says we shall find Him. The very principle of faith is to start out with that knowledge: why, “God is.” When you seek for something that you want very badly, you’re not going to give up until you find that thing.

You can download it here:

Seeking God by Hans R. Waldvogel

Feel free to share comments on this message here and anything that impacted you.

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