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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Do We Really Need Another Conference?

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 Do We Really Need Another Conference?

Brothers and Sisters,

It has been said that the Chinese revival is the greatest movement of God in modern history.  It is probably the closest thing this side of glory that compares to the book of Acts.  This revival which began several decades ago still continues to this day. Despite the efforts of Satan to quash the Chinese revival, the Holy Spirit still moves in that nation.

In watching a video from Open Doors the brother describes how the Chinese revival began.  The Chinese revival did not begin with large conferences and well-known speakers. It did not begin with challenging messages to encourage the people to pray for revival.  The Chinese revival simply began in prayer. It began in extended prayer and fasting.  The Chinese brothers and sisters cried out for God to move. And the Lord heard their prayers and gave an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to China. To the Chinese church.

To the best of my knowledge the Chinese Revival was never owned by any one denomination. It was never owned by any one miinistry.  The Chinese revival was never owned by any one pastor. The Chinese revival was simply done by Christ. And that by Jesus alone. It is a grass roots revival centered totally upon the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a revival that was birthed in prayer and sustained by prayer.  Jesus is at the center of the Chinese revival.  It is the Holy Spirit that sustains the revival. The revival is fueled by the prayers of the believers.

Spirit-filled Believers are sensing there's an urgency in hiur that cry out we pray for the things of eternity.  Thos things are the Word of God and the souls of men and women.  The urgent need of the hour is for Spirit-filled prayer. Prayer that will bring a movement of God.  They movment of God that will send forth the word of God throughout the earth. A movement of God that will bring His Word to save the souls of men and women.  Call such a movement a revival if you will. Then let it be a revival that will bring about the eternal things of God.

Such a revival will not be brought about by another Sermon Index Conference.  Brothers Paul Washer, Carter Conlon, Edgar Reich, brother Brian and other anointed men of God will not bring about a movement of God. As anointed as these men are and I have been blessed by their messages.. These men would tell us that revival will only come through prayer and fasting.

I believe the 1859 revival began with two businessmen that started praying in New York City. These men were not annointed pastors.  But only two brothers who had a desire to see God move in their City. Their prayers resulted in God moving east of the Mississippi River in various vities.

The Azusa Street Revival was birthed in prayers in the early 1900s. Though there were people such as William Seymour who played a part in the revival.  It was basically a grass roots movement that started with anonymous saints crying out for God for a moving of His Spirit. And the spirit was poured out.

The 1949 Hebrides revival began with two infirmed senior citizen sisters who cried to God to move night and day. We all know the story of that revival.

Brothers and sisters the moving of God begins with prayer. The moving of God begins with our moving to the prayer closet and crying out to Him.  Please consider what Jesus said below,

Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am in their midst....Mat. 19:18-20

Saints the need of the hour is for prayer. The need of the hour is for individual prayer. The need of the hour is for prayer corporately. But it does not need to be a large group or a large conference. Jesus said if two agree on earth asking in prayer. It will be done by His Father in heaven.

I do not know if prayer corporately was done by small groups in China. But from my reading in the persecuted church small groups are preferred. Mainly because large gatherings will attract the attwntion of the persecuting authorities.

Below is a short video where the brother tells the story of how the Chinese revival began.  After watching the video let us ask herself. Do we really need another conference. Or do we need to go to the prayer closet.

Posted by Blaine Scogin

 2018/1/2 9:49

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Do We Rrally Need Another Confetence?

Such a revival will not be brought about by another Sermon Index Conference. Brothers Paul Washer, Carter Conlon, Edgar Reich, brother Brian and other anointed men of God will not bring about a movement of God. As anointed as these men are and I have been blessed by their messages.. These men would tell us that revival will only come through prayer and fasting.


I understand your heart. The Chinese revival from my readings of it, (of which I did extensively for 2 years) shows that any generalization of their movement is hard. They had meetings large and big, meetings for leaders to share, meetings for prayer, they had evangelism skits, or just open air preaching. They have done many things but the common denominator was God the Holy Spirit was working in it all.

I do believe it is benifical to have a conference if the Holy Spirit is leading for it. I do think it could be a turning point and helpful to the walks of many believers in the hour we are living. It could be the extra oil some need for the times coming.

Do I believe Revival will come through the event? NO. But surely God can do what He wants. Do I expect to meet God and Him to work in my life to conform me closer to Christ, YES.

I have personally felt led to organize a conference. So just to underline to you and other brethren on the forums here, we are not touting we are bringing revival. But do I believe some even on the forums are living in secret sins, compromises, problems and a conference like this could help clear away these things and bring a more fulness of the Spirit in their lives, yes. We are "all" in need of reviving and for rivers of living waters to flow from us more.

I see the Chinese believers eager to go to hear the Words of God anyway they can and then put it into practice. I hope anyone who feels led to hear the messages of the conference, pray with saints at the conference will also do likewise.

SI Moderator - Greg

 2018/1/2 10:04Profile

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From Liverpool but now in West Sussex, England

 Re: Do We Really Need Another Conference?

I love the idea of another Conference Bear and Greg. I heard that the Lewis Revival was brought in by men praying in a barn who challenged the Lord to look at their hearts to see if there was any evil there. And so fulfilled the verse.

If my people will turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven. and heal their land.

David Keel

 2018/1/2 12:31Profile

Joined: 2008/9/14
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I think a conference would be awesome.

Brother Bear, we need to be careful. I know what you're saying. I understand the frustration. I just know that, in my own life, measuring everything I do by "did it bring revival" is not a good means to judge how well I have pleased the Lord or how much I have followed His will. I can write off a lot that I do as activity that isn't promoting revival (like feeding my dogs, or putting on deodorant, or erasing a spelling error on a piece of paper). Those are trivial things, I know, but brother I am trying to be submissive to the Lord. I am trying to seek His face. I am no Jonathan Edwards, but I serve the same Lord.

To quote Jim Elliot:

"Forgive me for being so ordinary while claiming to know so Extraordinary a God."

Brother, we are all trying. We are all seeking. And I would love to see a revival sweep this land, but we aren't going to get their criticizing everything we do that doesn't lead to a revival.

So how about this:

If the Lord allows us to have a Sermon Index Conference, let those who attend get together for a time and pray and praise and call out to the Lord. Not as a means to appease those skeptical about it's impact on revival, but because God is worthy to be praised and be sought AND because we desire to lift Him up and seek Him.


I'd like to ask this question: I have been working toward developing a solid prayer-life. How do I make my prayers so effective that God will choose me and those with me to start a revival?

 2018/1/2 17:11Profile

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I normally do not read much nor do I post much in these forums, various personal reasons. In Sept I had a stroke with the added bonus of trigemnia neuralgia.,or what’s called the suicide affliction or condition. The pain was so intense the first 2 weeks I begged God to just take me home. The neurologist put me on pain killers and now it is at least manageable. During this time I have had nothing but time, time to pray,read,reflect,etc.... I have and still am learning how to walk, by now my speech is back fully as well as my vision mostly. During this affliction I have dug deep in my Christian experience and found a great many things hidden in various closets of my life I just was not dealing with in an honest manner before the Presence of God. You brothers need to know that me and another brother had just started hitting the streets again with the gospel and I was actively starting to intercede against the strongman of drug overdoses The seem so prevelant in this state and are taking so many lives, 2 in the nation. So it was not as if I was in out right rebellion or sin when this happened, I was just very busy and had very little time to just sit and listen. Now I have time.

All that said, l believe that Bro. Greg is hearin the heart of God and being directed by The Holy Spirit in the right direction. I have never sensed such an urgency in a pronounced move of God as I do right now. I believe the timing is right and it would please The Lord to give you a token for good. God bless I will keep you all in my prayers and Lord willing look forward to seeing you all at this event. God bless bro dmiller


 2018/1/2 17:24Profile

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 Re: normally

Brother Dohzman,

I will not at all pretend to know the extent of hardships you are going through, but I know this is true: God is faithful and He is using this to make you more like Jesus! Thank you for your encouragement as well.

 2018/1/2 17:42Profile

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 Re: normally

God bless you bro Dohzman as you battle not only against your infirmity, but also spiritual warfare. May the Lord strengthen you and heal you brother and may you glorify Him even in the midst of calamity. You write.........

"I have never sensed such an urgency in a pronounced move of God as I do right now."

Amen brother, all the world is desperate for a mighty moving of God and the saints need to be encouraged and fortified and exhorted. What better way to do that than to have the presence of God flood down and pour into dry and thirsty spirits................bro Frank


 2018/1/2 21:09Profile

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Snoqualmie, WA


Our God is a covenant keeping, promise-keeping faithful God.

It's a good thing to set forth the intent and design the Lord has put upon the hearts of those who are organizing this event.
It's a good thing too, to shun pre-judgments from one another.

How good will the SI convention be? That will be determined later. For now...
focus upon praying that we are used of God to edify one another.
focus on praying for God to speak to our hearts, and that by way of submitting ourselves to God long before this event unfolds.
Focus upon being prayed up your own self, being fed and built up in the word your own self, being careful to guard your spirit so that you might be sensitive to the preached word, the word via prophecy or exhortation, the word via the Spirit of God speaking to you.

Why wait for the conference to repent? Repent now. The promise of God is good today not just good when the conference is on-going.

Yes, God has poured out his Spirit upon the dead and dry bones and brought to life in Christ the multitudes. If you are God's child, is Jesus telling you "stay dead" and I'll fix you later? Don't repent now, do it later? Don't pray now, don't study now, don't seek to be built up now, it will all be done later.

I think you see what I am getting at, the blessing of God comes to us by using the God-given gift of faith we have all received. There may be many who come who cannot pray or cannot help themselves they are weak and stumbling. I just want to encourage you to be God's hands, his voice, his helper, his mercy to others.
However the Spirit of God wants to speak and work is his business, ours is availability. Our availability is predicated upon a daily continued willingness of heart, submission to the Lord in obedience to all the small things long before a conference begins.


 2018/1/5 1:30Profile

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 Re: Do We Really Need Another Conference?

“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” Hebrews 10:25, KJV.

 2018/1/6 8:53Profile

 Re: To Whom Shalk We Go?

So Jesus said to the twelve, "You do not want to go away also, do you?".  Simon Peter answered Him, "Lord to whom shall we go?  You have words of eternal life."...John 6:67-68

It is the Spirit who gives life the flesh profits nothing; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life...John 6:63

Brothers and sisters to whom shall we go?  Do we need to go to the latest revival conference to have the life of Christ? Do we need to hear the most anointed revival preacher to have the Life of Christ?  Do we need to lay out thousands of dollars to attend a revival conference when Jesus has promised us rivers of living water for those who believe in Him.

Jesus gives a gracious invitation for those who are thirsty when he says,

If anyone is thirsty, let Him come to me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the scripture said, "From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water."...John 7:58

The living water that Jesus promises is free. It does not cost anything on our part but faith.  Again Jesus tells us,

The Spirit and the bride, say, "Come."  And let him who hears say, "Come."  And let the one who is thirsty come, let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.

Brethren Jesus offers us living water without cost. We do not need to go to a revival conference to find the life of Christ. Jesus offers us His words that are spirit and truth. He offers us His Holy Spirit if we will but come to Him and drink.  All we have to do is go to Jesus. 

Honestly we do not need another revival conference. But we do need Jesus.


 2018/1/9 4:39

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