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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : Judgementalism by Paul Billheimer

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 Judgementalism by Paul Billheimer

Unjust and unloving criticism of others has been called the 'peculiar sin of the saints'. In fact, it is the most glaring vice of 'holy people'. Many who are most emphatic in condemning the doctrine of a 'sinning Christianity' are often most guilty of violating Christ's unequivocal command, 'judge not' (Matt 7:1). This violation is sin.

Increasing judgementalism is actually a sign of decreasing grace. It implies that we do not believe that God is capable of correcting His children Himself. In other words, we are trying to do God's job for Him. The average critical saint has more confidence in criticism than Prayer, to remedy a situation.

A man cannot become judgmental without elevating himself and self elevation is the characteristics of Lucifer. The essence of our fallen condition is self exaltation, the determination to be first. Therefore the willingness to humble oneself and to be last instead of first, is a greater miracle than even walking on water.

A clear indication that judgementalism is always wrong is that it always, without exception, dims one's relationship with God and interfers with one's prayer life. One cannot pray effectively for others while he is judging and condemning them. Someday we will discover that pride of opinion is a greater sin than a supposedly incorrect doctrine over which we have broken fellowship with another.

Therefore do not fall into Satan's trap of judgementalism. But rather choose God's way the way of agape love that covers. Love never fails.

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 Re: Judgementalism by Paul Billheimer

Paul Billheimer writes...........

"Any church program, no matter how impressive, if it is not supported by an adequate prayer program is little more than an ecclesiastical treadmill, it is doing little or no damage to Satan's kingdom."

This criticism of the system is neither unjust nor unloving nor does Bill seek to elevate himself, he is simply speaking the truth, a truth that is even more relevant in our day. But the keepers of the status quo and those who seek to impress and have a position of influence in such a fallen church will always react judgementally and come out swinging at the messenger while ignoring the truth of the message, very sad state of affairs...........bro Frank


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