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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : The One Essential for Soul-Winning: Baptism of the Holy Spirit (1869)

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 The One Essential for Soul-Winning: Baptism of the Holy Spirit (1869)

Written a generation before Asuza Street, William Booth instructs in the one essential for soul-winning. Published in 1869.

BELOVED FRIENDS Though I have not been privileged to see you in the flesh, yet I have heard with great thankfulness from time to time of your work of faith and labor of love: and I rejoice greatly in the abundant blessing granted to your labors, and bless God for every brand plucked from the everlasting through your instrumentality. I earnestly pray that you may be made a hundredfold more useful in the future than you have been in the past.

Success in soulwinning, like all other work, both human and divine, depends on certain conditions... If you want to succeed you must be careful to comply with these conditions... I desire to give a few brief practical hints...And, first and foremost, I commend one qualification which seems to involve all others. That is, the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I would have you settle it in your souls for ever this one great immutable principle in the economy of grace, that spiritual work can only be done by those who possess spiritual power. No matter what else you may lack, or what may be against you, with the Holy Ghost you will succeed; but without the Holy Spirit, no matter what else you may possess, you will utterly fail.

Many make mistakes here. Aroused by the inward urgings of the Holy Spirit, they endeavor to comply with the call which comes from the word and the necessities of their fellow men; but being destitute of this power, they fail, and instead of going to the Strong for strength, they give up in despair. Again aroused, again they resolve and venture forth, but having no more power than before, they are as impotent as ever. And fail they must, until baptised with power from on high. This I am convinced, is the one great need of the Church. We want no new truths, agencies, means, or appliances. We only want more of the fire of the Holy Ghost...

O what zeal, what self-denial, what meekness, what boldness, what holiness, what love, would there not be? And with all this, what power for your great work? The whole city would feel it. God's people in every direction would catch the fire, and sinners would fall on every side. Difficulties would vanish, devils be conquered, infidels believe, and the glory of God be displayed...

You do desire to see signs and wonders wrought in the name of Jesus. To see a great awakening among the careless crowds around you... This baptism then, is your first great need. If you think with me, will you not wait for it? Offer yourselves to God for the fullness. Lay aside every weight... Hold on! Though your feelings are barren, your way dark, and your difficulties be multiplied, steadily hang on the word of God. Expect the baptism every hour, wait if He tarry. This kind goes not forth but by prayer and fasting, and the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to His temple. I have more to say to you, but must wait another opportunity. Yours in the fellowship of the Gospel, William Booth.

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 Re: The One Essential for Soul-Winning: Baptism of the Holy Spirit (1869)

Amen a great word for us.

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