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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : We shall not be able to please God except by faith

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 We shall not be able to please God except by faith

"We shall not be able to please God except by faith. And faith is triumph over all symptoms, and over all things that seem contrary, because God is triumphant, because Jesus Christ has won the fight. And no teaching is more plain, and made more real in the Bible, especially in the New Testament, than this: that “all the promises of God in Him are yea, and in Him Amen”—what the Law could not do because it was weak in the flesh.

And that’s where the devil often tempts us. We look at the flesh, and we think, “Well, maybe I made a mistake here, maybe I don’t know how to believe. Maybe this and maybe that.” Why that’s the wavering attitude. You have no business to be like that. My business is to look steadfastly at the Lord Jesus Christ who commands wind and waves, who has “all power in heaven and in earth.”

And we rob Him of His power, and we rob Him of His honor and His glory when we begin to waver in our attitude, and when we begin to be anxious. I ought to fear anxiety as much as I fear any other sin—or even more. That’s “the sin that doth so easily beset us.” And we don’t realize how we have been saturated with unbelief. It’s in the warp and woof of our being.

…Jesus Christ will never tell us when we get to heaven, “Well, you know, in that particular instance, in that particular trial you went through, I was defeated. I wasn’t able. I wasn’t up to it.” He’ll never say that. He is always up to it. And the Apostle Peter tells us that, “though now, if need be, we are in heaviness through manifold temptations.” He says these temptations must be. For what purpose? Not that we might be defeated, but that the trial of our faith might redound to the glory of God.

…I think we would do ourselves a very great favor if we studied about faith in the Bible. We would be surprised that faith is only faith when it is absolute and total faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, not in our ability to believe—not in our holiness, or in our power, or in our attitudes, but faith in a great fact: “God hath raised Him from the dead.”

…There is no greater joy than to go through the trial with Jesus Christ in this faith. But it’s a great tribulation when you go through wavering and wondering in your heart. God will take all that wonder out of you. Faith comes by harkening to the word of God. And that word of God is absolute, and absolutely sure—“Forever Thy word is settled in heaven.” And when I meditate upon this word day and night, it is bound to create faith in my soul. In fact, that’s where faith comes from."

- Hans R. Waldvogel

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