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 Leonard Ravenhill and Billy Graham

I opened my copy of America Is Too Young To Die tonight and I was drawn to this passage. I believe the following words that were written in 1979 by Leonard Ravenhill speak so clearly to us as we are bombarded with the news of Billy Graham's last hurrah in New York.

"Thank God for all that the last twenty-five years have been shown us in evangelism--if it was the real thing. But when the general practitioner cannot solve the patient's sickness, the specialist is brought in. When the evangelists have failed; when the million-dollar crusade leaves little in its wake; when the TV envangelistic show is over; when the Bible schools hang their heads and say, "It is not in us"; when the theologians hide their blushing heads and swing the other way in their swivel chairs; when the seminaries say, "We have heard of the fame of revival with our ears, but we have not formula for it"; when all these helpless ministries fail and the Nation speeds its way to hell; while the Church is looking on--let the righteous cry, and the Lord says He will hear them. Let the house of God become a place of weeping for the glory of the Lord that has departed, and let His anointed cry day and night, "Send us our prophets, O Lord. Let this be the sign that in wrath Thou dost remember mercy."

We must fall before Him and be broken to pieces, or we shall fall before Him when He breaks us to pieces."

America Is Too Young To Die, Page 55

Living In Laodicea,


Des S.

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 Re: Leonard Ravenhill and Billy Graham

You are a prophet of the Lord. Stay close to Him and watch over your heart. As I discern you have been bruised but, you have been healed. Let mercy aways go before you "softening the heart" to win those who have ears to hear, what indeed the Spirit of God is speaking to His Church this hour. Be the watchman on the wall, sounding the alarm, for there are many who have not bowed their knee to compromise, and forsaken the Lord. Let the pure be purer still and come to His Glory in this darken night!


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 Re: Leonard Ravenhill and Billy Graham

Ravenhill amazes me every time I read his words or hear his voice. I hope he ignites a flame in many more hearts, like he has in mine!

Hal Bachman

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