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 Please read this carefully

Who is the king of the drug world?

Who claims 50 times more lives than all the illegal drugs combined? Who costs the American people 130 billion dollars every year to mop up its blood-bath of human slaughter? Who destroys 1 in every 4 families in America? Who kills over 200,000 Americans each year? Is it crack? Is it cocaine? Could it be heroin? No, the undisputed heavy-weight champion of the drug world and number one killer of Americans is KING ALCOHOL! And nobody dares utter a peep!

During the Viet Nam war, 57,000 Americans gave their lives fighting for this country. A wailing wall was built in Washington with each soldiers' name engraved. But in that same 9-year period, when 57,000 died in Viet Nam--OVER 2 MILLION AMERICANS were killed by killer alcohol! During the Viet Nam War, thousands of protesters were all over this country. What I want to know is--where are the protesters against killer alcohol?


Nobody opens their mouth against killer alcohol! Nobody makes a sound! Who speaks out for over 7 million young children that live a life of child abuse, incest, and torture? Their little life is a hell on earth because of killer alcohol!


The alcohol industry spends over 400 million dollars a year advertising and glorifying the killer! By age 18, American children on an average, have seen an estimated 100,000 beer commercials! They innocently watch as their favorite heroes glamorize and glorify killer alcohol. 'You only go around once in life, so grab for all the gusto you can', they proclaim. But what they don't tell you is--every single day--at least 10 young people die because of drinking alcohol!
God have mercy on these athletes, who prostitute their God-given athletic ability, sacrificing our young people on the altar of alcohol!

One of the beer commercial's favorite celebrities was Billy Martin, former manager of the New York Yankees. I bet you never saw a picture of the end of the drinking scene. Here's the real picture! After spending Christmas day at the local bar drinking, Billy and William Reedy, a Detroit bar owner, headed home. As they were driving home their pickup truck skidded over 200 feet off a winding, country road, then traveled another 100 feet down a four-foot-deep gully before striking a concrete culvert. Billy Martin smashed through the windshield, fractured his neck and was pronounced dead 23 minutes later. BET YOU NEVER SAW THAT PICTURE! Wouldn't that make a good 'Lite' beer commercial! Wouldn't that really show you 'Miller Time'?

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Nigel Holland

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