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 Any one else feels this way?

Any one else feels this way? I truly enjoy talking about the love and grace of our Lord. My colleague’s told me I need to learn other topics because not every one wants to talk about Jesus all the time. I agree with my friends. However, I truly don’t have an interest in any thing except the things of Jesus. Also, I notice whenever I spoke to people about Jesus something wells up in me and passionately consume my inner being (I don’t know how to described it). It’s like I’m over come to where I want to leave the secular baggage behind and go to all with the gospel.

Another issue I have is that some time I have a strange heavy burden consume my inner-being, except I withdrew and pray I can’t over come it.

Do you feel inner peace, but great sadness when you look at the world around you? Such as co-workers, neighbors and even the people on the commute buses and trains?

Any one has similar experiences?

Today, I went to a home to buy something I saw on Criagslist. As I got out of my car, a neighbor asked if I was going to the garage sale next door? “I am moving and have lots of things in my basement, She explained.
As I looked over the things for sale, we started talking about family, community, and then I switched the conversation to Jesus.

She listened attentively then asked many questions. I answered all question with the scriptures. She started to sob like a child, and then her neighbor stopped in and saw tears rolling down her cheek. Are you ok? Asked the neighbor. She introduced me as a friend. When I offered to pay for the things she refused to take any money. Let me pay the men who are hauling your trash, I said. No, she insisted. I thank her and gave her my Web site,

I’ve been fasting and praying for some people at work I wish Jesus would use me to reach even one as he uses me today.

Some of her questions were:

What happen after death?
Would God send me to hell?
Will I go to heaven after a divorce?
Why God let 9/11 and Tsunamic?
How to raise children not to be influence by pears?
What happen to the people who never hear about Jesus or were born before Jesus?
What about the Jews and Muslim they don’t believe in Jesus?
Will babies go to hell?

Most of these answers can be found at my site,


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 Re: Any one else feels this way?

Loved it all, loved your website, and my prayer is that God bless your ministry. I had a laugh, when I read your guestbook, with that feller who was complaining about "you people littering his doorstep with those idiotic CD's".

preach the Gospel, and if neccesary use words.

there's a website you might like

Lord bless you sister Paula

 2005/6/25 20:22

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there's a website you might like

Truly, you have given me food for my spirit! Thank you for sharing ""


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