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 Bibles for Asia: Millions of Christians Still Without Access to God's Word

“I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands. And they cried out in a loud voice: ‘Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb’” (Revelation 7:9).

One of the greatest blessings we have experienced over the years is to meet Christians from all kinds of tribes and ethnic groups. Although believers often speak different languages and come from vastly different economic and cultural background, we’ve seen how barriers can be broken down in seconds by the common bond of love for Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit dwelling in the hearts of our brothers and sisters.

On the cover of this newsletter you will see some of your family members, from a group you may never have heard of before. They are Christians from the Hahka Chin tribe of western Myanmar (formerly Burma), photographed just seconds after receiving the first Bibles in their language for many decades. Our co-workers found two districts where there were 35,000 Hahka Chin Christian families without any Bibles.

The recent Hakha Chin distribution was due to a partnership between several ministries, including Asia Harvest. The overwhelming joy and happiness that you can see in the faces of these precious believers is just a small glimpse of an incredible day in the future, when the redeemed from every tribe, language, people and nation will worship the Lamb of God and give glory to His Name!

More Bible printing and distributions are in the pipeline right now, in six different countries. In this newsletter we would like to share testimonies and photos from some of the believers who received the Word of God for the first time. As we share some of their stories, we invite you to pray for them, and please consider giving so that more Christians like these can read God’s Word for themselves. In China we print and deliver full Bibles for just $1.80 each, while in Myanmar and other Asian countries the average cost per Bible is $2.70.

I am Mr. Pa. There are many born-again Christians among our tribe who cannot get a Bible in our language. They have tried to use the Burmese Bible, but they don’t understand it very well because it is not our “heart” language. Now we are all so blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ to receive these new, beautiful, and understandable Bibles in our language. Thank you so much!

My name is Far. I am 55-year-old. I was raised in a Christian family, but was not serious in my walk with the Lord. I fell seriously ill in 1998 and all the elders of our Baptist church came and prayed for me. Within three hours the Lord had completely healed me. At that moment I realized that Jesus Christ is not only my healer, but also my Savior. I committed my life to God and was born-again, and I fell in love with God. It has been too difficult to get a Bible. Today I am so happy to receive this gift from my brothers and sisters overseas. Now my family has His Word of life. It is the greatest gift we have ever received.

My name is Joshua. I am 29 and an evangelist from the Holiness Church. As a teenager I was addicted to alcohol, smoking, and chewing beetle-nut. The Holy Spirit convicted me of my sins and I repented, and He set me free from all my addictions. It was a miracle. God gave me a ministry of caring for 18 orphans, and all of them have received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Many times I have wanted to buy a Bible in our language, but it was impossible. I cannot understand other languages. Thank you, Lord! Now I have my own precious Bible thanks to your love and generosity.

My name is Tei. I am 22-years-old and I was born in Myanmar. When I was a child the Burmese army came to my village and killed people. They burned our houses, so my family had to live in the jungle for many years. I never went to school, but later I learned about Jesus in the refugee camp. I came to know that Jesus really loves and me and now I have hope. Thank you for giving me the Bible. May God bless you.

My name is Cherry and I am 19. My mother was born into a family that worshipped demons, and my grandfather was the shaman for our village. In 2008 he heard about Jesus for the first time and he became a Christian. Little by little the people in my village became Christians, and there are few who still worship evil spirits. I am very happy to receive this Bible, because it is God’s Word. Thank you for helping me know the Lord Jesus Christ!

My name is Shan and I am a 68-year-old widow. Some years ago the Burmese army shot and killed both of my sons. Now I take care of my only remaining family member, my six-year-old grandson. When the soldiers burnt my house down I grabbed by grandson and we ran into the forest. We walked for three days before reaching a refugee camp. I lost my home, possessions, and my Bible. I have lost everything except my grandson. Only God can give me hope and peace. Thank you for coming and helping us with precious Bibles.

My name is Zuam and I am 46-years-old. My parents died when they placed chemical fertilizer on their vegetables when I was only six months old. My aunt and uncle took me in and loved me as if I was their own child. However, when I was five a man told me they were not my real parents. I was devastated and it caused me incredible emotional pain. I tried to commit suicide several times. In 2005, when I was 34, I repented and submitted my life to Jesus Christ, and God accepted me as His child. For years we prayed for a Bible, and God has amazingly used you to provide us with His precious Word. It is my dream come true. Thanks to all who have blessed us.

My name is Thong and I am the Principal of a Bible college. My have 100 students at the school, but only 8 of them have a Bible. Our students want to buy a Bible, but there are none available. Now you have come and distributed so many copies of God’s Word in our language for free. It will make a tremendous difference in our school and community. Thank you and God bless you all! May the Lord use you more and more to help all people have God’s Word, especially those who are of the family of faith.

The believers highlighted in this newsletter are representative of countless thousands of others who receive life-changing Bibles through Asia Harvest’s two Bible projects. Our China Bible Fund continues to build up the house church believers in China. Each full Chinese Bible is printed and delivered for just $1.80, while the Asian Bible Fund continues to provide the Scriptures in numerous languages of Asia for an average of $2.70 per Bible.

If you would like to help provide God’s Word to hungry believers like these, we invite you to fill out the yellow response form in this newsletter and send it back along with your gift. Alternatively, one-time or monthly donations to the project can be made via our website:


SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2017/12/4 6:42Profile

 Why it is so cheap?

I did not read this but I created a thread about this...

"Each full Chinese Bible is printed and delivered for just $1.80, while the Asian Bible Fund continues to provide the Scriptures in numerous languages of Asia for an average of $2.70 per Bible."

I wonder why it is so cheap to have a copy of Bible there?

 2017/12/4 8:34

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 Re: Bibles for Asia: Millions of Christians Still Without Access to God's Word

Wow! Thanks for posting Greg!
Just makes my heart soar to think of someone receiving a Bible for the first time.

This is the kind of Christmas gift worth giving. Paul Hattaway does what Brother Andrew did in the 60's and 70's.

Sis L

L Young

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