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 So I'm talking with a Jehovah's Witness today

We met one time before but got together again today. I can say he is a very nice and gentle spirited person. We talked for a while and what I came away from the conversation is as follows:

1) His mother had a baby and died one month later during surgery she needed. She didn't wake up and his Baptist grandfather who was a minister told him that God took her because he wanted her and wanted to make an angel. He said he wondered at the time and for a while why God would kill his mother (his words) if God is love. If God wanted to make an angel out of her then why not just make an angel. Somewhere along the line in his life he met a JW who assured him God didn't kill his mother just because He wanted her and Aldo showed him the reality of the devil's evil deeds and works. He almost teared up speaking of his mother and this event from years ago so I could tell it was still somewhat personal to him. He said he has come to realize that things and unexpected events can happen to people yet it was a JW who first took scripture and showed him God did not kill his mother.

2) No JW official or elder or Kingdom Hall member is ever paid anything for their services.

3) He almost ran circles around me with his knowledge of scripture. He was not prideful or overbearing but was respectful and considerate as he shared.

I gave him my testimony not in a lot of detail but asked him in the opinion of the JWs what they would feel I had done wrong. He sort of didn't answer me directly but took me to where Jesus said the Father seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and truth. He said many worship Him in spirit but if it is not in truth God will not accept it.

4) He wondered out loud why so many churches sing about God has the whole world in his hands when scripture states the whole world lies in the power and grip of the evil one.

5) He said that no matter where he went in the world that every JW Kingdom Hall would be teaching the very same thing. There would be no varying doctrine in the JW Kingdom Halls no matter where they were at in the world and he said he has never found this sameness anywhere else.

I tried to keep focused on Calvary and stressed as best I could that the cross was a perfect work and didn't need to be added to or taken from or changed of modified in any way. I guess somewhere in my mind I was thinking that JW have likely tinkered with the doctrine of the cross and sought to modify or add to it. It is what it is and we need to let it be what it is. I said obviously God accepted this sacrifice because Christ only had to do it once and God bore witness it was acceptable to Him by raising Jesus from the dead. He looked at me intently while I said these things about the cross.

We are going to meet again. He is a very kind hearted fellow and is presently trying to help a confused and struggling young man in the grips of a drug habit. So he likes helping people and is easy to speak with because he is respectful.

We agreed to meet again in the not so far future.

David Winter

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 Re: So I'm talking with a Jehovah's Witness today

Hi Docs,
I guess there it is,the JW teaching cant really help this persons drug habit in any spiritual sense as they dont believe in the work of the "Holy Spirit" for today ,for ministry.
If being Christian or getting into heaven was a "works gospel"they would certainly win hands down.

He is a very kind hearted fellow and is presently trying to help a confused and struggling young man in the grips of a drug habit
urs staff

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I hear you. It's just grieving to meet such a nice person who sincerely wants to help others. I just concentrated on the cross. We are going to get together again and I may not even study up but just rely on the Lord.

Pray for me if you would.

David Winter

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 Re: So I'm talking with a Jehovah's Witness today

The next time you meet... before you begin talking with him... tell him that YOU are going to pray and ask God for wisdom... (don't close your eyes... stand up and look up to heaven as you pray out-loud).

I have had JWs run away as I prayed...

(JWs believes that non-JWs pray to Satan.)

You may be talking "with" him but... he is not talking "with" you!

You may sense a 'sincerity" BUT, this is only a tactic to lure you in to their snare...

My suggestion is:

Avoid talking to him... JWs know the lie better than most Christians know the TRUTH!!

By your meeting with are only giving him "browinie points".

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 Re: So I'm talking with a Jehovah's Witness today

Many years ago a JW woman spent a lot of time walking and talking with an elderly neighbor. One day she brought a few other JW people to her home trying to convert her. Not being able to do so, the woman (I assume in utter frustration) blurted out "I just don't want you to believe JESUS is God." I remember thinking "Wow, talk about the enemy exposed."


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It is a rouse to the core. Remember that the enemy appears as an angel of the light. Do not let his "nice" exterior fool you into thinking he has anything but a dead, stoney, desperately sick heart within. He needs a radical encounter with Jesus, because he is currently working his way to heaven--and we both know that cannot be done.

Jehovah's witnesses do not have the Holy Spirit, so they have to be trained to deal with marginal christians--people who are undiscipled, ungrounded, or unconverted--in order to convince them of their doctrines. Even seasoned believers who know the Lord well can be thrown off, if they allow the JW to lead the conversation. Every JW witnesses' goal is to gain access to the home with a weekly bible "study" and then fill your mind with "did God really say"--and we've known that tactic since the beginning of creation.

They also use their own version of the Bible, which is poorly translated in all the right places. Having taken Greek, it is obvious that the translation is in serious error.

Of all the doctrines they destroy, their denial of the deity of Christ is the most errant--it affects absolutely everything and completely invalidates ALL of the OT promises regarding salvation. One strategy that you can use if the Lord gives you permission to engage them is to stick to the OT promises and use those to interpret their NT fulfillments instead of reading their wrong-headed theology back into the scriptures. Do not use their version of the Bible and look up every single verse in your bible that they reference. Also move the conversation from whatever they are discussing to the Gospel. Remember, this isn't a battle over who knows the most verses--they will beat you every time.

I do not think you should plan the conversation, but before you engage with them, I would offer this bit of wisdom: refresh yourself with John, Romans, and Galatians.

If you engage with them again you will see their strategy: dismantle your trust in what you have learned, and offer you their lies as the "truth". They will question your Bible, the cross, Jesus' deity, and your progress in holiness. Every single cult does this.

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 Re: So I'm talking with a Jehovah's Witness today

The JW people have often came here to my home, trying to give me their tracts and talk to me. I have been told,that they have a special JW bible.
That,alone is a red flag to me.

A while back some came and had a little girl w/ them,... I thought they had brought her to see the training, I shared my testimony about 'the kingdom of God' that The Lord had revealed and shared with me,...and how He had taught me to NOT get any material at all , when I first came to know Him,...that He would teach me.

They tried to convince me that I really needed that extra help,..
..they try very heavily to convince me, which I clinged onto The Lord' way,and what He had taught me, try to offer help to them, The Lord....

Then as they were leaving, I looked right into the sweet face of the little girl, and told her that I wanted to tell her something, and I wanted her To ALWAYS remember ,...for her to look to The Lord ONLY , to get The Word and let Him alone teach her.

I didn't think they liked that at all.

They hardly come any more,...although I am always lovingly kind to them.

The foundation The Lord gives is very sure,

I am not boosting at all,...God forbid !
It is His, ...He shares with us.
And am thankful.


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Hemel Hempstead

 Re: So I'm talking with a Jehovah's Witness today

Jehovah Witnesses
Dr. Phil Fernandes

Walter Martin
Jehovah's Witnesses Part 1/4 - Dr. Walter Martin

Walter Martin - Dialogue on the Doorstep with a Jehovah's Witness

Understanding the Cult of Jehovah's Witnesses - Dr. James White

When I am talking with the Jehovahs witnesses I know where they are coming from as I have there libary on my Ipad which is broke recently.

If you know to much you are blacklisted from there account. according to Jehovahs Witnesses there are two classes you have the anointed class and the ordinary class. The ordinary class is going to live in earth while the heavenly class will live in Heaven.

They also believe in no Physical Resurection they believe that Jesus was raised spritualy and came to Broklyn new York in 1914.

They Deny the Deity of Jesus Christ and I tend not to use John 1 as they refute that in there literature not very well. I try and use passages which they are not familiar with.

They believe that Michael was recreated as Jesus and that Jesus was recreated then became the arc angel Michael after the resurrection.

I tend to use the fact of Kurios the term Lord means Yahweh in the Septuagint or the son of man passages or colossians 1 which is there favourite passage as it says Jesus is the first-born of all creation but they do not read it in context and I can turn it on its head to say that jesus created all things.

There are many other arguments I tend to use. They believe in soul sleep and they do not believe in Hell in fact they have taken verses about Hell out of the new World Translation.

Dominic Shiells

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