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Hemel Hempstead

 thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory!!

I have been interested in this word "Kingdom", what I have heard from dwight pryor it refers to the Kingdom of Heaven !! But I was just thinking about Organisations now would you class them as a Kingdom or not!!
In daniel it talks about the statue and the rock from heaven destroying the other kingdom!! Whatveer that is!!
This country is classed that I live in as the United Kingdom , it has a ruler and its own currency!!! What about heaven!!! I always think about things in heavenly terms, how different is the Kingdom of Heaven going to be like !!
Another thing all other kingdoms that do not forgo the humbleness of bowing down to the one true kingdom or are in opposition to jesus's kingdom must go there is no way that he can let that happen!! This may be completly of the wall but can someeone balance me on this , in the bible it also talks about the kingdom of light and darkness and how a kingdom divided cannot stand!!! I think Jesus is the main centre it is his true kingship that makes him king. jesus is called the king of the jews and it also says that we will be kings and priests this is refered to in revelation!!!
I like spurgeons book I think it is in the call to the unsaved it talks about jesus being the only king who is not exclusive"
Quoting from the verse come unto me all you are weary and heavy laden!!!
The problem is how does the kingdoms of this earth conflict with the kingdom of heaven.
jesus says and talks to the Jews about you are from the devil, the Father of lies this convicted me recently because I realised how much i need jesus I think I am constantly reaffirming that,
There is also that quote in Timothy no unto the king eternal, unto the king immortal unto the ,king invicible the only wise god!!! There is a book called perelandra which refers to the king !!
The people of Israel were accused of not acceptiung the true king in samuels time!! In Luke it refers to when the son of man comes and all his angels !!!!
Isaigh ,
A throne is a title of Kingship!!!
A lion is the king of all animals or the lord of the wood !!
King of Kings refered to in Isaigh!!!
I do not want to live for the devils kingdom I want to live as if I am living for Jesus kingdom!!!

Dominic Shiells

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