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 Joy in God?

I know i've been posting a lot here, but I've got a lot to ask. When, it comes to my walk with God, it feels like everything (sometimes) is merely willpower. It feels as if I just know a lot about Jesus and the Bible, but it feels as if I don't KNOW Him. How does one grow a real, joyous, relationship with God? I can only pray for about 5 minutes and I can't read my bible for long. I have repented and turned from my sin, I was even baptized in July. My head is 1000% confirming every biblical truth I hear, however it feels like the distance between my head and heart is a long one. How do I fall in love with Jesus? How do I get my walk past mere intellect and willpower? Godbless ~ Key


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 Re: Joy in God?


If you have just come to faith in Christ and are reborn, then you are a “new born” so learning to walk will take some time. The main thing is keep your focus on Jesus (as He is revealed in scripture) and don’t depart from Him. He will teach you as you are able to receive and will give you the grace and faith to respond and obey His word.
It’s important to be discipled, so ask the Lord for someone or even a group and when you ask, ask expectantly believing He will provide you with a mature saint to help you along.
Read His word daily,... study it,... consume it even as it is our spiritual food.
Pray as often as you can, and notice the different “prayer models” in the scriptures and use them to help frame your own prayers, each week spending a longer time in prayer. Treat it like a muscle and build up your prayer life- two easy ways to do this is thank Him for everything,... literally name your blessings one by one or think of it this way; What if all you woke up to tomorrow is what you gave thanks to God for today,... what would you have? The second way is learn to intercede for others. Think of the people in your life who are struggling and go before the Lord in prayer on their behalf:) These two things will quickly increase the amount of time you spend in prayer. Also def “listen” for His reply and train your ear to His voice by shutting out the distractions and clamor of the world and spent quiet time with Him, knowing that at least half of prayer is listening to Him.

As for “knowing Him” and experiencing the joy,... firstly “joy” is a fruit of the Spirit and is produced in you by His presence and staying focused on Him. This too will grow like any other fruit would, provided you continue in the faith.
Knowing Him (for me) is allot like sanctification in that it is both instant and yet we grow in Him just as He grows in us:)
The more time you spend with someone the better you know them.
Also ask Him to reveal Himself, the truth of His Spirit to you and to open His word to you as you study it.
Hope this helps ~


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 Re: Joy in God?


A good place to start is to pray your OP to the Lord. Just pray what you wrote right out. Then ask Him for His grace and help.


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 Re: Joy in God?

Key: Couple of things.

(Im an old coot so please don't take this as condescending, I mean it in love and respect to you.

1. Your generation does not place a premium on reading, therefore "reading" the bible may not come easy. This will be something you will have to learn over time. Be patient with yourself and get with those who are zealous about reading scripture. take time daily to read some scripture. Pick a new testament book and read through, realizing every word (no matter how seemingly trivial it may appear) is of value to you at some stage in your life.
2. You probably suffer from D and D. Distraction and Diversion. Both of these are in every generation, but this one due to the inundation of media tools and sources flood the mind with every kind of distraction so that disciplining yourself to focus can be difficult. Not every young person has this issue, but its prevalence in this generation at this stage in our culture is wearying to the soul. Diversion is the ability to spread yourself so thin...lets go here, lets do this, lets play that, lets visit so and so, lets take ride. None of the distractions or diversion need to be sinful at all to be time-consuming and draining. In the course of time there's a starving for God's word, but so many have not cultivated any discipline to read and study on their own. Worldly diversions choke out zeal and godly ambition, you are left with the end of the day tiredness and lack of interest.
This world my dear brother is calculated to keep your mind and your body in a synthetic life. What this means is what God would have you to know and love in the reality of his power and presence is up against years of learned habits where you have fed upon the world and patterned your mind and habits according to your friends and other media sources.
It will take some time, and some prayer and a breaking away from what is comfortable and experiential to you. This life of walking in faith and according to the word of God will take some getting used to. But be glad, the Spirit of God indwells you, therefore God himself is right now and everyday undertaking to conform you to Christ and transforming your mind so that you may offer your body a living sacrifice and your heart the willing abode of God. Keep the faith my friend God's power is available right now.


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 Re: Joy in God?

Hey Key. Sounds like you are hungry so no doubt you will be filled!
"In His presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand there are pleasures forevermore."
We are told to "enter His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise". This speaks of coming into His presence which is where the joy is. Giving thanks and praising Him is a much overlooked "doctrine". You won't find it on the list of 'what we believe' in many churches but it is a major theme in the Word of God.

Just start thanking Him for everything you can think of and praise will follow and blend into a symphony that the Holy Spirit will help you with. I have found that the joy of the Lord energizes every area of my life. After all the joy of the Lord is our strength!




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I listened to a sermon jam by Martin Llyod-Jones this morning and I was reminded of your question.

Very thought-provoking indeed!
I think one of the major thing is to abide in Him! Think on Him! Fill your mind and spare time with things connected to the gospel - listening to GODLY! music, sermons, reading the Bible, "Think on these things"- says Paul!

You know, we think most about the things we love. And since "the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit which is given to us", if we are truly born again, we have to keep ourselves in the love of God.

"If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father's commandments, and abide in his love." John 15:10

And pray to God that He may open your eyes so that you every day see His glory! Don't try to artificially create emotion! Look upward! Becaus joy is the fruit of the Spirit!


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Key, I don't find one thing wrong that your doing, the only thing I would toss out there is, your're trying to hard, get alone with God, just talk to him, and he will lead you and guide you. Remember, God doesn't want you to be a follower of man, or be like any of us here, he made you unique you're one of a kind. The worst thing a believer can do is look to man for answers, because God has all your RIGHT answers. Man will confuse, again be patient, don't rush God, just talk to him, He Loves to hear from us, and he will lead you and guide you in HIS will for your life.


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 Re: Joy in God?

Hi Key
As I read your post and as a lover of JESUS.. I feel led to say.. Spend time with HIM.. WIthout music, no cell phones nothing but quiet.. just alone with him in silence. I am a retired counselor. I needed a way to escape to be filled after ministry. I took up kayaking several years ago. I have a quiet place in the mountains i go with my bible and notebook and art materials. Other times I will just sit and study His word with no distractions..
There are many ways to know Him. Ask the HOLY spirit what He wants you to learn. It is a marvelous wonderful journey sitting at HIS feet.. Mary chose the better part..
I have learned so much in my quiet time with my JESUS. Singing to Him confessing my struggles to HIM.
The most important thing I have learned is He is jealous for us and wants our time... Get to know Him, ask the HOLY SPirit to teach you and HE will.. He will.
He is the lover of our souls and you will never ever be disappointed by walking the narrow way..
In Christ
Sister Frannie


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