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 3 Ways to Download All Audio Sermons on


Over the years some brothers have been burdened to help in this ministry practically. When led by the Holy Spirit this has always brought forth much fruit. Over the last few years a few brothers have laboured in different ways to make downloading the sermons on a large scale much easier.

God confirmed a verse for this sharing of all the content of the site: Genesis 41:49 Joseph stored up huge quantities of grain, like the sand of the sea; it was so much that he stopped keeping records because it was beyond measure.

The Lord spoke through a brother that he saw SermonIndex as the grain in Joseph’s day. As many churches are ceasing to preach the truth and society as a whole is becoming abusive towards the Good News of Jesus Christ. There will be less avenues to access God’s word and godly sermons that will edify God’s people.

I am encouraging believers to download all sermons to their hard drives and usb keys to share these messages with others and have them backed up (stored as grain). You are free also to re-upload and share these messages on your own website or blog. May God’s word run and be glorified in these days of famine of hearing the Words of God.

Here are 3 ways to download the entire archive of

1) Software. You can download a software application that allows you to select all the sermons from an entire speaker. Windows download: Apple download: Linux download:

2) Direct Download. Download the entire 230+ gigs via Google Drive:

3) Bash Script. This is more technical but is a way to download all the materials:

If you have any other way or setup some method please let us know. There are also brothers who have copied sermons to hard drives for people and mailed them. This might be another avenue to share the entire archive.

May God be glorified.

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