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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 SermonIndex Conference?


I wanted to bring this question out to believers here on the forum. You can also email me personally any impressions you receive. Do you think it would be good to have another SermonIndex conference?

What topics or emphasis do you feel would be important? Do pray that God would lead in this if there would be another conference. I want to be willing to do what He desires.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2017/10/7 20:37Profile

 Re: SermonIndex Conference?


I was really encouraged by the burden behind the Broken Before the Throne conference: where the emphasis was on prayer. I am just a nobody, but the idea of having another conference where we sit under a teacher and the rest of the body is silent does not interest me, but if it interests God then I would like to be a part.

I only know what I read in the book of Acts and revival history, but I have never seen a revival, per say. I also thought the burden behind Gospel Fellowships was encouraging and maybe God would use it to bring His body together in local fellowship to learn how to submit to the Head, one another in the fear of the Lord, to reach the lost, mature in Christ, etc.

I am burdened for a move of God where the fruit remains; not just a short lived conference that lasts for a week that only gets our emotions stirred up, but yet it does not change us nor does it continue with us after the conference in the secret places of our heart and whole manner of life, in our home and in our community.

How we truly need to hear God speak to us in our secret place and in a corporate gathering!

Just some initial thoughts...


 2017/10/7 21:35

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 Re: SermonIndex Conference?

Yes. The regional conferences last year were topically spot on and the one I attended was Spirit led and sweet. I cant suggest anything except seek God about it.


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I attended the conference in 2009 in Indianapolis and maybe 2011 or thereabouts in Atlanta. We don’t need just “another conference”, but it seems the people who attend SI conferences are those who for the most part are following hard after God. Yes, seek God about it....

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 Re: SermonIndex Conference?

This last year has been for me focused on the presence of God and worship. These words are often used often but i am starting to relize the depths of these phrases are at the very core of the redemption and work of christ and the whole point of our existence and being.

So my heart would suggest a theme of "Gods Presence"

“One important point many fail to understand is that the Bible was never meant to replace God; rather, it was meant to lead us into the heart of God. Too many Christians stop with the text and never go on to experience the presence of God.” AW Tozer


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Hi Christian,

Good to hear from you! Great quote from Tozer.
We never did meet up in Sweden, maybe another time?

I'm guessing any conference will be in the USA, so us on this side of the world will probably have to listen in online.


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 Re: SermonIndex Conference?

" What topics or emphasis do you feel would be important? Do pray that God would lead in this if there would be another conference. I want to be willing to do what He desires."

Greg, This morning after reading your request that the believers on this forum would pray for the leading of the Lord concerning having another conference, I immediately got the impression that you should set up a phone conference prayer call to seek the Lord.

I agree with the brother that a conference should not only be about getting more teaching, but should be a time that the Body could really minister to the Lord through praise, worship, and prayer.

What does the Lord want to do through another conference?

I believe that there is enough spiritually mature brothers and sisters on this forum that are hungering and seeking after more of God, and this could really be a time of seeking the face of God, drawing closer to Him, and hearing His voice.


 2017/10/9 6:53Profile


I remember the remnant meetings we had in Missouri a few years ago. There was no agenda. We gathered as one before the Lord. There would be periods of worship and the singing of hymns and spiritual songs. There would be sharing from the members of the body. The Holy Spirit was the leader. There were spiritually mature brothers who could step in and direct as needed. But basically it was a wonderful time of us being gathered around the Lord Jesus Christ ministering to one another.

Also we were in a period a fasting before the Lord during that blessed time. Again there was no main speaker but the Holy Spirit. Jesus speaking through the members of his body.

How I would love to see such a meeting again among God's people.

My 2 cents.


 2017/10/9 9:09

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Amen Bear! Holy Spirit led meetings
will always reveal God’s will and
purpose for the gathering.

While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, "Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them."
(Acts 13:2)


 2017/10/9 11:20Profile

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If it was in the U.S. I might be able to attend, God willing.

Nigel Holland

 2017/10/9 13:24Profile

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