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But I truly believe with all my heart that winning souls is not so much the sinner that is out their on the street, but it's with those that have been damaged by christianity over the years. I have met more of this class that have been spiritually and mentally abused by the Church that it is these that we need to reach out to more than ever. They don't go to church, they don't go anywhere, [b]but they still feel God[/b], others are hardened towards Him, yet [b]they just need a word of knoweledge or wisdom as my people are perishing because of the lack therof[/b].

Amen! Just wanted to acknowledge the nuggets of truth, here.

 2005/6/20 22:24

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My Pastor has said for decades that when the Holy Ghost is present, we could move next door to hell and have a revival. I like the story Bro. Jesse mentions of Stephen. I actually named one of my sons after him. He preached the word of repentance in the "persuasive speaking" category of a district talent contest this year and was chided for not ministering a message of love. Folk said that that people can only be won to Christ by "loving" messages. The title of the message provoked them also. The thing I emphasized to my son was that he must not minister that message with the intent on 'slamming' the folk. He assured me that God had dealt with him to minister that message. It was tough for me because many in the district probably think I put him up to it because I preach repentance also. They did not come right out and say it- but it was evident that they thought it was on me.

My point is- is that sometimes you have to say what God is saying no matter how it is going to be received. No matter if the folk want to believe every other reason in the book as to why you preached it. Speak what God lays on your heart and let God deal with it. It is all we can do. Stephen was mobbed and killed for speaking what saith the Lord. Yet, as with all our ministry there is yet a little fruit. Stephen may have never won masses of people to Christ. But the story does not end there. We read:

[i]When they had driven him out of the city, they began stoning him; and the witnesses laid aside their robes at the feet of (D)a young man named Saul. [/i] (Acts 7:58)

The blood of this faithful martyr splattered every where as the witnesses refused to stain their clothers with the remembrance of this man. Yet, though the garments may have been spotless, the sight of this awesome spectacle made a permanent stain upon the heart of Saul and in due time he became the greatest Apostle of all times. You never know who the Lord is going to send your way. Some big guy may pound you a few times while others look on and laugh and jeer- but perchance- just perchance- there may be a D.L Moody or a Billy Sunday in the crowd who witnessed your faithfulness and were touched by the unction that your words were carried on and the Spirit with which you, as Stephen, so lovingly ministered. Yes, Stephen really let them have it. And the love that begged God to forgive them must have set the seal upon their hearts and added just a pinch of salt to the spot where the word had pricked.

You guys who are on the streets every week- God has called you and will use whatever is in your hand to minister. For Moses it was a staff. For Samson it was a jawbone. David had a sling and Paul a few pieces of cloth with which to pass to one in infirmity. For Christ it was a few water pots and a few loaves and fishes. Little is much when the Holy Ghost comes upon you. The is nothing more awesome than when a man or woman of God is operating in their calling under the unction of the Holy Ghost.

God Bless,


Robert Wurtz II

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