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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Guarding our Mouths, and controlling our spirit's.

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 Guarding our Mouths, and controlling our spirit's.

It has been awhile since I have posted. We just received two new babies within our home! Twin girls!!! Blessings from God! They are also an answer to my hundreds of prayers for patience, I believe:) May our Lord break me through them, and weaken me that He has more reign within me.

As I experience more in my christian walk, and learn more about my carnal nature, that I must submit to God continually to keep it in check. I pray for us all! I fear our flesh can deceivingly give us a false zeal fueled by our spiritual enemy's which seek for us to devour our brethren in Christ; in an effort to allow the world around us to see our great Lord in a false way.

May this not be. Our love for our brethren, through the Spirit should put forth a deep fragrance of love for each other that the world can hear, read and see.

Love to you each through Christ through His abundant Grace and Mercy Towards us, the undeserving. Billy


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 Re: Guarding our Mouths, and controlling our spirit's.

This is an apropos message and worthy of consideration.

It's so important to understand what it means to bear one another burdens, counsel, correct, rebuke, reprove, exhort, edify. All of these things can be done by every one of us, but only as the Spirit of Christ authors our words under the rule of godly intent. I for one have failed this more times than I can count and I could hardly post something edifying now that in times past I would have been too sharp, over-stated, undiscerning of my readers and little more than a bull in a china cabinet.

My prayer for myself and for my brothers and sisters in Christ is that we learn to tell the truth to one another with grace offering up a salt-seasoned post that Jesus would vouch for.

In the name of true doctrine vs false, right exegesis vs eisogesis, godliness vs worldliness so many ( and I put myself at the front of the list) have sacrificed the love of Jesus for the truth of Jesus. This ought not to be so, love rejoices in the truth and the truth is conveyed in the same manner of love our Lord demonstrated in his life. Yes, the bar is set high, but its only high to the flesh, Jesus who will live through us in power and truth meets that standard every time.


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