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 Pharisaism Sermon

I FEEL DEPRESS to stumble upon and listen to a pharisaism sermon in Youtube. Like for examples, a shampoo you use can be demonic and you should use all "natural ingredients", and taking so much coffee is a sin, and celebrating a birthday is "pagan"... It is just heavy to listen to someone who make a particular set of rules and call it "demonic immediately"...

~ Romans 14:5

 2017/9/7 14:17

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 Re: Pharisaism Sermon


Agreed. Many teach new commands and ideas that Church history has always stood against and not adopted.

here is a good message on Pharisaism:

Characteristics of Pharisees -1 By Zac Poonen

Characteristics of Pharisees - 2 By Zac Poonen

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