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Discussion Forum : General Topics : “How do I make sure my children are not exposed to pornography?”

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 “How do I make sure my children are not exposed to pornography?”

"The big question you ask is, “How do I make sure my
children are not exposed to pornography?”

They cannot go to public schools or any private school that allows the children to possess cell phones or access the web.

Do not allow your children to possess any online device or to know any passwords for your devices.

Do not allow your children to operate any online media, including Netflix, unless you are looking at the screen with them the entire time. Two minutes out of the room and you may lose them to hell’s cocktail. Parents are so naïve.

Do not allow your children to freely associate with any child whose family does not maintain the same safeguards.
Explain to them the very things I have revealed in this article. Warn them of Satan’s devices. Explain to them the prevalence and power of pornography.

Provide an example of holy matrimony and dangle before them the promise of a pure love relationship one day if they keep themselves holy. Make sure they appreciate the precious and the profane for what they are. In the end, the best defense you can instill in your youth is the desire for a virtuous life.

Never trust your children, and don’t trust your spouse if any activity seems to be suspicious. My wife and my staff have complete access to my computer. The main server is beyond my reach. It maintains complete records of all my activity. I am never locked in a room by myself to “do my work without being disturbed.” I don’t own a cell phone, but if I did my wife and my staff would be on the account and be able to review all my activities. If any adult is less open than I describe, they are porno freaks that need to repent. Don’t doubt it. “Provide things honest in the sight of all men” (Romans 12:17)."

excerpt from : "This Is the Last Righteous Generation
By Michael Pearl"

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