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Joined: 2007/2/8
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 Re: not complaining

Hi Emestiu,
And Im agreeing with you CCM is like secular culture..
The problem as I see it is 1: If we make a Christian Song to compete with the secular market it has to be top notch and from God,saying something God wants to say.Why:Because we are saying when ever we make a song that this is from God,we are representing God.
2:Christians who make CCM have to realize what it is and its not Worship music for the most part.
urs staff

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 recently noticed

I was driving to an appointment recently and put a piano only rendition of the old hymns of the faith and had a really big realization about contemporary christian music, and it was so simple, where is the rest in this modern christian music? There is none. It seems to me that what has come out of much christian artists for the last 20 years is like drinking an energy one right after another. It amps you up emotionally but does very little to offer the hearer peace of mind or a sense of rest in the deep places of the heart/head, let alone directing the hearer to magnify Jesus Christ in their heart.


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Joined: 2007/2/8
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 Re: recently noticed

Hi Dohzman,
Very Good point "where is the rest" and thoughtful point of view.
I think but I could be wrong that it goes back to a point I made earlier that Modern Christian Music has an identity Crisis.Its neither good for the goose or for the gander.It neither offers as you say"peace of mind or a sense of rest" to the Christian nor does it have the quality to bring a message to the world.We are generalizing here also so some songs do buck the trend and are good,
urs staff

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