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 Prayer in Times of Natural Disaster

Prayer in Times of Natural Disaster

Loving Father,
in these catastrophic weather conditions we come to You. We thank You for the assurance that it is Your loving, fatherly hand which is chastening us for our good as individuals and as a nation.

We thank You
for the assurance that when You have attained the goal Your loving will has set for us – that is, when we turn from our sinful ways and come back to You – You will show us grace again.

Our Father,
We humble ourselves before You and accept Your judgment, for we are receiving what our actions deserve. We and our nation have brought this judgment upon ourselves by our sins, which are mounting up to heaven, and by offending Your divine holiness with blasphemies such as the world has never seen.

Our Father,
for the sake of Jesus’ outpoured blood, grant by Your Holy Spirit that we and many in our nation will wake up under this judgment.

We pray
that those who have turned away from You will start praying again. May they cry to You in this distress and give thanks for every gift they have received from You.

We pray
that as a result of this judgment many who had been following paths of sin will accept Jesus’ offer of salvation and begin a new life.

We pray
that you will renew in us the spirit of repentance, so that You can turn Your judgment into grace again and end the plight.

We pray,
help us to recognize this chastening as a preliminary judgment and help us to take it as an opportunity to practice for the coming times of testing by humbling ourselves deeply beneath Your chastening hand and submitting our wills wholly to Yours. Make us so one with You that we will be strong and not lose confidence in Your love when You are compelled to send even greater calamities in response to the sins of mankind.

Our Father,
for the sake of Jesus’ outpoured blood, have mercy upon us in this severe plight and hear our prayer for help. Amen

© Taken from Building a Wall of Prayer by M Basilea Schlink, Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, Phoenix AZ 85028

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