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The True Church are those who are elected to saving grace through Christ Jesus, they are born of God, redeemed by the blood, given the new covenant, given an intercessor, a mediator, a Holy Father an Indwelling Spirit and sonship.
This is all done by Jesus Christ...after that, creeds, denominations, non-denominations, home fellowships, groups, movements, organizations are all just outworking of those who are born of God that have come into agreement in mind and purpose.
What I see as a means of an order in God's people, so many see as a wall, I see it as God's ordained plan to keep doctrine, truth, the gospel, leadership and a witness to the world intact. So many (even on this website) cannot seem to see past the negativity of the bad report made against any of these modes of God's providential workings in his body.
Jesus Church in both millenniums has had its witness in a variety of ways, to condemn them is to say "Jesus you should have waited until I got here and asked me what to do, I would have counseled you".
Maybe I'm not as spiritual or as mature as you all, but I cannot get past the smallness of trying to fit the Church into an "early church" picture when God never intended to leave it in that mode.
Yes, there terrible issues facing the Church today, but so much criticism I read is purely preferential modes of operation not appreciating at all there are plenty of Godly people in years past that were acting in faith and love toward God and doing exactly what so many here condemn.
As for me, I don't know diddly about how Jesus should run his Church, and I don't see how any "revival" can occur when the base attitude is "man, they should just do it my way because I have the spiritual truth all worked out".


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 Re: The Way

I'm so thankful that my body has only one Head. And that my body is not fighting itself. Every part knows it's function, and doesn't deviate from it. If the smallest part ever got the idea that it could change just one degree to make the body operate better, we'd have to think of a name for another cancer.

It's His House, His Kingdom, His Family. How dare the children take the reigns! How dare the children re-write the book or re-interpret what the Father by His Spirit has said and taught.

There are a few things spoken of in Scripture as being shameful. This is worse than being shameful. It is detestable!

Go search the Scriptures and see, that there's a way that seems right, but that way leads to destruction.

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