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 Jesus was Gnostics???


"The Christians had the Scriptures. But Knowing God through
a written book was considered Head knowledge and insufficient
for a spiritual life. The Gnostics offered experiential knowledge,
the deeper things that came from the spirit."

By this definition, Jesus himself was Gnostic! Let us see what Jesus spoke about head knowledge.

John 5 :37 -You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about Me; 40 and you are unwilling to come to Me so that you may have life.

Here Jesus plainly said that searching the scripture diligently is not enough, but an experiential nearing of Jesus is needed. He did not say 'you are unwilling to believe me', but he said 'you are unwilling to come to me'. He wants them to have a come and see experience like how the 2 disciples of John had. Even now it is the experiential encounter with Jesus that gives eternal life, not diligent searching of scripture.

Matt 13:52 -And Jesus said to them, “Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure things new and old.”

A scribe who knows the scripture well is of no use to kingdom of heaven but when he becomes a disciple of Jesus by experiential carrying the cross and following Jesus everyday (Matt 16:24), then when he shares treasures from his knowledge.

The reason we have boring sermons in more than 99% of churches, is because there is only knowledge but no experience. There is no supernatural anointing.


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 Re: Jesus was Gnostics???

Which Jesus Do You Follow?

by M. Dauer


• Based on: God's Word.

• Acknowledges: Deity of Jesus Christ.

• Believes: Man is basically sinful, and only GOD
can correct the evil in him.

• Gives glory to: GOD

• God: Believe in a PERSONAL GOD who is all good.

• Salvation: Spiritual rebirth that takes place when an individual
chooses to believe by faith the DEITY of JESUS CHRIST,
recognises the SIN in his life and chooses to follow Christ
and turn from his sin according to the Scriptures.

• Faith based on: The Word of God.

• The Answer: Jesus Christ - according to the Scriptures.

• Christ: Jesus Christ, the one and only fully God and fully man.

• The Bible: NOTHING should be added and NOTHING should
be taken away from the Bible. It is the COMPLETE WORD OF
GOD. Interpreted literally and the literal meaning received.

• Commitment: To the Lord Jesus Christ according to
the Scriptures.


• Based on: Man's word.

• Acknowledges: Deity of man.

• Believes: Man is good and getting better.

• Gives glory to: Self

• God: Belief in God or a great force or energy or One Mind.
An impersonal God with both good and bad.

• Salvation: Spiritual awakening that comes when an
individual experiences "his own divinity".

• Faith based on: Experience.

• The Answer: Finding the "self" or "god" within and
striving with "works".

• Christ: A position of status held by all deserving members.
Arrived at by "self", "experience" and "works".

• The Bible: They pick and choose Scriptures to suit their
purposes. They say the Scriptures can be "interpreted" in
many different ways. Spiritualised to say whatever they want.

• Commitment: To self - or God through a passive or
emotional experiential form of religion.

. . . they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do
also other Scriptures, unto their own destruction (2 Peter 3:16)

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RE: so broad...

The long, 2 pages article in first link in OP names names,
so you can say "hey, it's not about me, so it must be only
about other people" - but that's not the case, it concerns
us all.

To accuse someone with "the reason to write warnings like
that 'in broad' is to accuse other people is a silly accusation.

What's more serious is to confuse the apostles with gnostics,
assuming their experiences had anything to do with our
current time lust for going far beyond that. When the standard
are current day heretics it may not be easy to detect something
as old as gnosticism as a principle for anybody living in the year
2017, and takes a lot of reading and even more unlearning
of false teachings.

If someone wants to keep it really simple, you can go
with the last statement: "One of the characteristics of a false
prophet, albeit sometimes hard to detect, is the lack of love
toward the commandments of God."

I wouldn't say that's hard to detect. The epistles
1John + 2John is enough by itself to prove them wrong.
That's why no false prophet/teacher will teach
why it's a sure way to distinguish between the light
of salvation and the light that is darkness.

Once that is sorted out, and it has not been sorted out yet
on the broad road of opinions, it may be possible to
understand the difference between sensuality and
spirituality. And why Christian spirituality is not sensual,
and mysticism has no place in Christian spirituality.

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