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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Henry George: Christian Social Justice?

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 Henry George: Christian Social Justice?

I have been looking at the teachings of Henry George off and on for the last several months in relation to some other work I have been involved with. He is best known for writing "Progress and Poverty," a book that focuses on land reform as a means to end poverty. Not wanting to wade through the 500 page thesis, I have tried to find dependable sources to get more info. Today I came across a sermon he preached in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1889. I didn't know he had any biblical teaching or preaching credentials despite having based his land reform thesis on the biblical Jubilee from the Old Covenant. In a sermon titled, "Thy Kingdom Come," he shares this anecdote,

"There was a little dialogue published in the United States, in the West, some time ago. Possibly you may have seen it. It is between a boy and his father, when visiting a brick-yard. The boy looks at the men making bricks, and he asks who those dirty men are, why they are making up the clay, and what they are doing it for. He learns, and then he asks about the owner of the brick-yard. “He does not make any bricks; he gets his income from letting the other men make bricks.” Then the boy asks about what title there is to the bricks, and is told that it comes from the men having made them. Then he wants to know how the man who owns the brick-yard gets his title to the brick-yard— whether he made it? “No, he did not make it,” the father replies, “God made it.” The boy asks, “Did God make it for him ?“ Whereat his father tells him that he must not ask questions such as that, but that anyhow it is all right, and it is all in accordance with God’s law. Then the boy, who of course was a Sunday-school boy, and had been to church, goes off mumbling to himself that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son to die for all men; but that He so loved the owner of this brick-yard that he gave him not merely his only begotten Son but the brick-yard too."

I understand that his political philosophy was very popular during his day and influenced reforms that many of us live under today. In fact he was so popular he was able to run for high political office in the US and only lost to someone who eventually won the presidency.

As you can see from the illustration, his teachings are not fundamental or reformed nor Spirit-filled.

I am posting this in interest of finding out if any of you have come across any teachers or preachers who hold to or promote his teachings? Or if you have come across it elsewhere? I understand his basic premises but there seem to be many influences that are expected to be understood.

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 Re: Henry George: Christian Social Justice?

Not specifically, but if you read about Stonewall Jackson on Wikipedia it talks about how this very devout Christian man justified slavery- and I think Robt E Lee believed similarly- that it was God ordained for the improvement of the African infidels- or something like that.


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Where are the incongruencies in the quote from Henry George and Stonewall Jackson in regard to Scripture?

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