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 Hold fast your confidence

Good morning dear brothers and sisters,

I share this with you as an encouragement for anyone going through similar trials.

“This is what I was reminded of while praying for my brother, who is battling liver cancer, this morning (in the car on the way to work great place as long as you can pray with your eyes open)

I scarcely started praying when the word “Breakthrough” popped into my mind

I am not saying the Lord said so, however I am believing God that this was intended for him, that breakthrough is coming, in fact it is here. I believe the Father has heard our prayers and has answered and we need to hold firm in our faith, according to these promises:

1 John 3 verse 21 to 23: “Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence toward God. And WHATEVER we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do those things which are pleasing in His sight. And this is His commandment: that we should believe on the Name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another, as He gave us command”
Mark 11 verse 24 to 25: “Therefore I (Jesus) say to you, WHATEVER things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Heavenly Father may also forgive you your trespasses”

Brothers and sister, if we have fulfilled the conditions in the verses above (confessing our sins and repenting from them, making sure we are walking in the light and in love toward our brothers and sisters and striving to please Him in all things)

THEN we may have CONFIDENCE that He hears our prayers and also answers us and gives us what we have asked.
If we believe the answer has been given, the Breakthrough has come, then let us believe that we have received it, and we shall have it!

Stand fast, then, on the rock of God’s promises and on His faithfulness to perform what He has promised.
Let not the enemy steal our faith and our confidence. His tactics remain the same as in the garden:
” hath God really said?...” He will always try and steal the Word of God and instill seeds of doubt.

When he has stolen our faith he has effectively neutralized us and can bring destruction, however when we believe steadfastly, our mouths will continually confess the promises of God and we will continually offer up the sacrifice of praise, giving thanks to God for His goodness and His grace.

Make no mistake, when we are tested, whether by illness or trial or whatever, it is a test of our faith. It is a fight of faith. The enemy fights to steal the Word, to steal our confidence, thereby stealing away peace and killing our joy in God.

Let us hold fast our confidence, proclaiming God’s faithfulness, declaring the Word, thanking God for the breakthrough, until it manifests in our flesh, our circumstances, as it surely will.

God bless everyone!


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 Re: Hold fast your confidence

Hello Brother William:

I am sorry to hear about your brother and his current battle with cancer. Your exhortation is timely and a gentle reminder for me as I to have a brother who was recently put on Hospice care back in May.

The scriptures you quoted are definitely some of my favorites and I have seen the faithfulness of the Lord never fail to come through when we hold fast to the profession of our hope.

I have to confess I have been struggling with the brethren who have all said they would pray for my brother but have not visited him to offer any kind of ministry, comfort, or encouragement.

While my brother has made a confession of faith the lack of fruit is definitely suspect. Our parents were both saved late in life and since I have been saved I have seen the Lord break many members of our family and seen them humbled and saved.

Since 1988 when I got saved God has done many amazing things, yet I have found myself somewhat alone for a bit lately. While I am holding fast to the promises of God for household salvation the battle in my mind has been a bit intense.

My brother recently went from home to a nursing facility last week and needless to say he is quite depressed which to me would be fruit that is suspect.

While the Christian brethren who have all met my brother and know him well, not one has ever bothered to visit him. I recently reached out to a local Baptist church that is affiliated with the home and requested that someone come and do what Christians are commanded to do and have not heard back yet.

The funny thing for me or I should say more so foolish on my part is that I have NEVER seen God fail, and I mean NEVER. In this situation I feel like an Israelite who just passed through the Red Sea only to find myself complaining about the fact that those closest to me refuse to reach out to my brother with the love of Christ.

As I was voicing my frustration and dismay to one brother, he so much as responded that when his mother was at the end of her life and in a nursing home no one visited her, which he was making the point I was one of them.

The fact is I did visit his mother but I just did not announce it to anyone including him. But the fact he said it was somewhat of a shock because the way this brother is, he won't do anything for you unless you do it for him first.

You know the scripture, the one that says, Do unto others as they have not done unto you? LOL. Brother Daryl Miller may remember this quote from one brother a long time ago who used to say, "Sometimes you have to laugh, to keep from crying" (Tears)

As I pray for my brother, I truly am thankful for those who do remember him in prayer. I am thankful for those who do not even profess to be Christian that are actually DOING and showing Christian love and action toward my brother. Like I said, God is faithful. If we as believers are not willing to worship God for who He is, he will just raise up rocks to worship Him.

I do not like feeling frustrated and judgemental it is not my character, before or after I got saved, but these thoughts are relentless.

So on the upside, it is during trials and afflictions such as these that both of our brothers are enduring that provide a wonderful opportunity for us to point to Christ. It is an amazing time to minister to the Doctors, nurses, aides, social workers, other patients, family, and the list goes on.

I can tell the difference between those who do what they do because they are called, and those who do what they do for a paycheck.

Is your brother saved William? What is his name? While I personally believe it is always the Lords will to heal, I know that everyone does not get healed. But at the end of the day, their eternal destiny and security is of the utmost priority. Not only them but also those around him such as friends and family.

In my case with my brother, he is one who has squandered his whole life, allowed his wife to leave him and divorce him, and never a real father to his two children. Spent many years in prison physically, spiritually, and to addiction.

Yet when I talk to his wife and kids, they just want to forgive him and be there for him. They are not bitter, or angry, they just want to let him know they love him and forgive him.

While it may appear that he has wasted his life and many tremendous opportunities, God is merciful and desiring repentance, and my brothers eternity is essentially just beginning. All the crud we brought upon ourselves and allowed does not have to be our lot in eternity if we would just repent, turn, and look to Him.

Whatever the breakthrough God has in store for your brother William I will be praying it will be one that will bring Him the Glory He deserves, and healing, joy, peace, and contentment to your brother, family, and yourself.

Brother Dave

David Fella

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Joined: 2016/6/4
Posts: 949
Johannesburg, South Africa


Thank you very much, brother David, for your response and encouragement.
It saddens me to read your comments regarding Christians neglecting their duty and not responding to your request for a simple act of mercy and compassion.
However it is also true that we have probably failed in this area many times, putting ourselves first and loving in word but not in deed. May God help us!

I thank God that my brother is thoroughly saved and has been a faithful and passionate member of his church for many years. His name is Lawrence. He is a South African, like me ☺️ but has lived in the USA for at least twenty years now, after marrying an American missionaries daughter. They currently reside in Utah where he works for an Automobile parts manufacturer. Autoliv, I think they are called.

Your prayers will be appreciated. I will pray for your brother, that our gracious God and Savior will mightily save him by His grace. What is impossible with man is possible with God!



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