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Discussion Forum : General Topics : eclipse of the sun

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 Re: Amos

Amos 8:9-12 is fulfilled prophecy!

Why do you not put another country in parentheses?

Are you prophesying?

If so, you have proved yourself a false prophet!

It may be time for you to hibernate!

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 Re: eclipse of the sun

Our location in east Tennessee was center. Was amazing watching and seeing another master piece of our Lord. As it grew dark, seeing street lights come on, and traffic having to turn on head lights. About like 9pm in the evening here and insects began chirping and birds became silent. But it was a beautiful sight as the halo effect was such a brilliant white light. Everyone around me was in awe and quiet so taken in by the beauty of it.


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O Lord help us! here we go again.....I didn't see the Heavens open up and a white horse standing there, whose rider is called Faithful and True.

Jesus said about the ones who needed to see signs and wonders in order to believe on Him. He said, and I will quote, “Only a wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign.” Matthew 16:4 This was spoken to the pharisees who demanded to see a sign. Jesus sharply rebuked them and then told them that the only “sign” that would be given for people to believe is the sign of Jonah…in other words…the only “sign” that would be given for people to believe was the death, burial, and resurrection of the living God! Basically, Jesus was saying to the pharisees, as He still says to us today, that if you don’t believe based on the death, burial, and resurrection, then nothing else will make you truly believe. And that’s the way it still stands today. Yet many still get lured in to seeking after the supernatural signs and wonders and much of their faith is based upon such seeking. Dangerous.

Mr. Bill

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It reminded me of the eclipse in the 90s when I was in grade school , I do not remember anything eventful happening around that time period.

C.h. Spurgeon :

. First of all, ECLIPSES ARE A PART OF GOD'S PLAN. In the olden times the ignorant people in England were frightened at an eclipse, they could not understand what it meant. They were quite sure that there was about to be a war, or a famine, or a terrible fire. They were absolutely certain that something fearful would happen; for they regarded it as being a prophecy of coming ills. They were totally at a loss to account for it, and knew nothing about the theory which now so satisfactorily sets our minds at rest. And you are aware, that till this day, in the East and in other parts of the world still in the ignorance of barbarism, an eclipse is looked upon as a very horrible and a very unaccountable thing. The Hindoos still believe that a great dragon swallows the sun, and they may be seen by thousands plunging into their sacred river, the Ganges, praying to the gods that they may set the sun at liberty, that the dragon may be compelled to disgorge him. Hundreds of other most stupid and absurd theories are still prominently believed and held in different parts of the world, and I believe that here amongst a very great number of us, an eclipse is looked upon as something contrary to the general law of nature. Now, beloved, all that understand anything of God's works, know very well that eclipses are as much a part of nature's laws as the regular sunshine, that an eclipse is no deviation from God's plan, but that it is a necessary consequence of the natural motion of the moon and the earth around the sun and each other, that there should at some stated periods be eclipses, and when we see the eclipse to-morrow, we shall not look upon it as a miracle or anything out of the ordinary course of God's providence, but we shall say it was a necessity involved in the very plan whereby God governs the earth.

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Work had a cookout today and gave away the sunglasses. At first I didn't care about the eclipse but I work in Oak Ridge TN and saw how dark it was getting outside and had to go take a peek! The sun was almost gone and it was dusk out but when it was completely blocked, it went even more dark and was beautiful with a flickering white ring around the dark moon.

It was an experience that I praise God I was able to see. Nothing like watching it on TV later though all pictures are wonderful.


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Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm struck by the accounts of silence of birds, errie darkness and cooling temperatures, as well as the spectacle of the light ring around the moon. Must have been great to have seen it and hopefully it caused folk to think about how awesome creation is and the creator Himself.

I also like the article posted by PP of Spurgeon. Yes a part of God's natural providence, but like a stunning sunset or mountain scene, still awesome!


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I know this is an old thread, but I had a bit to add. The earth experiences a minimum of two solar eclipses each year and two lunar eclipses each year. We can experience a maximum of seven total solar and lunar eclipses a year although this is fairly rare. So, I think some caution needs to be exercised in interpreting scriptures speaking of the sun going dark as being solar eclipses, or of solar eclipses being looked upon as signs. I was thinking about the day of Christ's crucifixion. Darkness was on the face of the earth for something like three hours. Yet totality in eclipses last only minutes. Apparently this darkening was supernatural, not natural as an eclipse would be. Just a thought.


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