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Seldomly I stop by here, but a few months ago I saw a thread about recommended reputable organization to give donation.

Some one please help me to find it?

Every one wants our money, but very few use it to advance the gospel.
I'm looking for one that help with the advancement of the gospel in poor third world countries.
This is trully a blessed site. I'm trully bless by David Wilkerson sermons download.

Thanks to all!


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 Re: Giving

Voice of the Martyrs helps persecuted christians and the famiies' of martyrs in restricted countries (often third world). Free book Tortured for Christ and newsletter offer also, at their web site

Gospel for Asia helps christians in India, also a persecuting country, which is third world. They offer a free book on their website explaining their perspectives on mission work to other countries, very interesting (called Revolution in World Missions). This organization can give a bible to someone who never had one for $2.40, or 4 New Testaments for $1, and preach the gospel to people who have never heard it.


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 Re: Giving

Would agree with those, here is another:

[b][u]Our Purpose[/u][/b]

To strengthen and equip the Body of Christ living under or facing restriction and persecution because of their faith in Jesus Christ, and to encourage their involvement in world evangelism by:

· Providing Bibles and literature, media, leadership training, socio-economic development and through intercessory prayer;

· Preparing the Body of Christ living in threatened or unstable areas to face persecution and suffering; and

· Educating and mobilizing the Body of Christ living in the free world to identify with threatened and persecuted Christians and be actively involved in assisting them.

We do so because we believe when one member suffers, all members suffer with it (1 Corinthians 12:26), all doors are open and God enables His Body to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

Mike Balog

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When i first heard of Gospel for Asia, and Persecution. WOWZA!! Those are some people truly after the HEART OF GOD!!

I got a free book from Gospel from Asia, when was the last time the TV evanglists gave something that had more than 30 pages out for free?


And thanks Greg for that other link!!

Stuff like this keeps me on fire.!

 2005/6/18 15:23

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 Re: Giving


You mentioned being blessed by David Wilkerson's sermons. Freely you have received, freely give. You can support Mr. Wilkerson's World Challenge Inc. ministry which funds several worthy outreaches all over the globe. You can find their support page at the following link;

[url=]World Challenge Inc. [/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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