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Discussion Forum : General Topics : I have an Idea. What do y'all think?

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havok20x ,

The lack of unity and all fighting I find to be a discouragement.

I will give 1 example that I recently found out more about : George Fox and John Bunyan they both have fascinating life accounts , Spurgeon had great respect for both of these men , they are side by side in my Pilgrim Church book as well as my New Foxes Book (Chadwick).
Both where persecuted.
I always wondered if they ever met/or new of each other, since they both where from the same time period.

I recently found out yes they new of each other and they tore into each other over theological differences.

But that is what I find so much of recorded church history disagreements and fighting .

As far as the history of the Bible, : reading about Tyndale and others is great.
But I feel that there is a danger in looking at the Bible to much as a human book and start wondering as some of the posters on SI have been challenging if the canon is correct etc. etc.

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Those considerations are noted. Thanks for the explanation.

If this does move from an idea into reality, I will definitely take what you said into consideration. Regarding church history, perhaps the best thing to do would be to highlight the faithfulness of God in spite of the fallenness of man.

Regarding the Bible, I will have to think on that a little to see what would be edifying for the church and not destructive.

What do you think about that? Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, brother!

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I think you are you are on the right tract.

as far as suggestions , Let me think about that for awhile.

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Churh history - if you can reminds us of those who have done exploits, whose faith and deeds are an example for all of us, those heroes of faith, whose names could well be listed among the heroes in Hebrews 11 - that would be wonderful.

And then pray, that looking into the past, may open our eyes to the glorious future ahead, the great riches in Christ and may encourage us to be followers of Christ, fearless, full with the Holy Ghost, that His name may be glorified in our generation and till the end of times!

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 Re: I have an Idea. What do y'all think?

Yes! And yes! The fellowships are in dire need of sound doctrine as well as church history and apologetics and MEN taking up the mantle of teachers and preachers equipping the saints in this confused generation!
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled. If only one person shows up that is OK!!!!! Go for it ASAP!



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 two thumbs up

wish there was a thumbs up button. Just start and never look back, and may the Lord himself add His many blessings!


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"perhaps the best thing to do would be to highlight the faithfulness of God in spite of the fallenness of man."

Fine goal.

Back in 1967 when I was a student at a Bible School, we were required to take "Mennonite History" in order to graduate so I took it although I was an informal student of Mennonite History since I was a young teen.


I used to think how much nicer it would have been to have lived back in the olden days before the present time which is characterized by liberals and conservatives fighting with their shennigans. Well! Imagine my surprise when I discovered this type of disagreeing is not limited to the modern era....I ended up being glad I was born in 1947.

If you can teach church hostory and develope within the student an appreciation of it and how the church has continued to thrive in the midst of all kinds of upheavals, you will have accomplihed a worthwhile goal.

The list of subjects you want to teach is quite extensive. Wishing you the best.

BTW, if you want to learn from a respected Mennonite History teacher check out Walter Beachy's talks on "Anabaptist History". He is an engaging story teller. I think they are posted here in SI...I personally know Bro. Walter Beachy.


Sandra Miller

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