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Discussion Forum : General Topics : EXPERIENCE - and the Rise of Emotionalism

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I realize that there is a difference between emotionalism and emotion. But something I think we might consider here. God created us with emotions. Those emotions were corrupted during the fall. But just as Jesus paid the price for us to be released from the consequences of our sin and just as He is renewing our minds through His word, He can also begin to change our emotions so that they come more into line with the way they were created. Scripturally, God has emotions. So there is nothing inherently bad about emotions. I have had experiences with God that cause very strong emotional response in me. I have preached under anointing when emotion was very strong. But I believe in these cases the response of emotion was to the moving of His Spirit in my life. And I am thankful for those emotions. However, I get off when I begin to be led about by emotion.


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Very well said, Travis.

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