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Like I mentioned you have been a bit presumptuous and spoken before you know the end of a matter. The book we men at church are studying by Bro Prince ends with three chapters on how to appropriate what was done at the cross.


"In the final three chapters I will give practical instructions on how to appropriate all that God has provided through the atonement."

The first of these chapters is titled, "From Legal To Experiential."


"Sometimes the Church can be like that. Whichever side of the Jordan we happen to be on, we may look across at the Promised Land and say, "It's all ours." Legally we are right but experientially we are wrong. I have heard people say, "I got it all when I was saved." My answer to that is, "If you got it all, where is it all? Let's see it."

"But it is perfectly true. Legally, once we are born again, we are heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. Everything that belongs to Jesus belongs to us. We do not yet possess it, however, since there is a distinction between the legal and experiential."

"Legally everything Jesus did on the cross is already ours. It has been provided. But experientially we have not entered into everything He has provided. I doubt that anyone has appropriated in experience all that Jesus provided through His death on the cross."

"Remember one of the Scriptures we looked at in chapter one: "By one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified" (He 10:14). The cross is the one offering. God is saying, "I have given it." But being sanctified is like crossing the river. We must march into the land and possess it."

David Winter

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