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 Re: Lysa

•••If God's in it, it's not a small thing!" So share away!•••

So Sister Lisa let's hear your story. 😊 I know you have a few to tell. Because I know God is working in your life.

Bro Blaine

 2017/8/2 17:28

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I think, I've shared this on another threat but nevertheless...

I was once in a city bus, quite full. On one of the stations an elderly man (perhaps 60y old) entered the bus. Since there was no free seat, I decided to offer him mine and he kindly accepted it. I stood on my feet next to that seat. And this elderly man all of a sudden says, as if talking to himself, something like "The pure in heart shall see God." I think he was not even looking to me but somewhere in the space before him. And I first ignored his words, because I thought "Why would an old man start a conversation with an unknown young woman?" Was he even speaking to me? But then, I realized "Wait a minute! Did he not just quote something from the Bible?!"

So I affirmed his statement and from that started a wonderful conversation till the rest of our journey. We talked about Christ and salvation (and I was quite aware of the fact that others are listening). It came out that this man is also an evangelical believer. And in that conversation he said two things that struck me:

"I knew you were such. I do not start this kind of conversations with anybody." And "I'm not worried about you." - that was in terms of salvation. When we arrived at the bus station, we parted with hope of seeing each other once more - but I haven't met him again.

But this talk came just in time, as I was then very discouraged over the state of the church in Germany, and particularly the churches, I've visited. That reminded me that God knew where I am, what I am going through and He will preserve me.

"I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world." Amen!

 2017/8/2 18:49Profile

 Re: Esther

Sister, a beautiful testimony. Perhaps he sent an angel to encourage you and you did not realize it. But praise God when we do have those divine encounters.

Bro Blaine

 2017/8/2 19:04

 Re: A Prompting of the Holy Spirit

One Sunday morning I woke up with a prompting to visit one of the mega churches in Little Rock. Now I for one am not a fan of mega churches. And particular the church I was being prompted to visit I was not a fan of. But I felt the nudging that I was to visit this church. In my fleshly thinking I thought well perhaps I would meet my wife there. Or perhaps hear a sermon that would change my life.

So after getting some time with the Lord, eating some breakfast, and taking a shower and putting on my Sunday best. I hopped a bus and went to visit this church. The prompting was still in my spirit.

Upon arriving at the church I went to check the bookstore. Perhaps there was a book in there I was supposed to purchase. Not finding anything there I went on to the church service. I heard the pastor sermon which was nothing exceptional. But nonetheless the service was good. I still could not figured out why I was prompted to visit this church. And I certainly didn't meet the future Mrs. Scogin there.

In the church A well-dressed young woman sat next to me. She was a high school senior. I only found this out because the pastor had asked the high school seniors to raise their hands. I saw her hand go up out of the corner of my eye.

As the pastor started to preach his message he asked us to open our Bibles to a particular passage. I noticed the young woman did not have a Bible. Not thinking anything about it I reached in my daypack and pulled out a New Testament and gave it to her. I always carried 2 or 3 pocket New Testaments to give out for evangelism.

At the end of the service she tried to give it back to me but I told her to keep it. And then I walked out of the church. As I left I inquired of the Lord why I was prompted to go to that church. The Spirit indicated to me that it was to give that young lady the New Testament.

I bless God that I obeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I do not know how God is using that young woman to this day. But I trust when I get to heaven she will have some amazing stories to tell from that New Testament.

Bro Blaine

 2017/8/2 20:21

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Everyday Miracles You have Witnessed from God.

by bearmaster
Therefore I invite you to come on this thread and share your experiences how a miracle-working God has intervened in your life.

I moved in with my mother the last year and half of her life because she had lung cancer. One day my mom was sitting at her computer and I went to the mailbox, threw up my hand and said, "Going to the mailbox, Mom, I'll be right back," and out I went. Well, when I got back she was fit to be tied, tears in her eyes and I said, "What happened?"

She told me the story of the last time she saw her mother, my granny and she had done the something similar, threw up her hand, said, "Love you mother, I'll see you tomorrow," and didn't kiss her goodbye only to find her dead the next day. She was emphatic that I always kiss her goodbye. My mom was not one you disobeyed so I obeyed her! lol

About a year later, she wasn't in a coma but her body was beginning to shut down and her hospice bed in her bedroom in the back of her house and I did not kiss her for a couple of mornings. On this particular morning (3:00 am) as I was leaving for work, with the car door opened and half way in the car, I heard her voice clear as a bell say to me in no uncertain terms, "Don't you dare leave without kissing me goodbye."

I shut the door and said to myself, "Well, ok!" I went back in and kissed her and told her, "I love you mom, I'll see you when I get home."

Four hours later my sister called to tell me she had passed away that morning. I never knew how she felt about not kissing my grandma goodbye but I sure am glad God intervened in my daily life to hear her voice that morning so I would have this memory. God is so good to us.


 2017/8/4 7:15Profile

 Re: Lysa

My sister truly a beautiful testimony about your mother. My own dear mother confessed Christ before she passed away a week later. I think she was realizing that God was calling her home. She began to ask my cousin questions about eternal life. My cousin got a sweet Methodist Minister who shared Jesus with her. I asked this dear man of God if he would do the funeral for my mother. He preached one of the sweetest gospel messages I ever heard.

When I think of my mother's funeral it was more like a celebration. Because some of us in my family and friends knew where she was. We both can take heart that we will soon see our mothers in the presence of the Lord.

Your brother in Christ.


 2017/8/4 7:49

Joined: 2008/10/25
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This world is not my home anymore.


I have another one! My granny gave me her old wrist watch when I was a teenager, it was really antiquey looking small rectangle gold watch. One day I couldn't find it anywhere and I loved this watch! I prayed and prayed to find this watch. I searched coat pockets, everything! I did a deep cleaning of my car and the only time this car was cleaner was when I bought it and it still wasn't there. My heart was so heavy.

It wasn't that I loved the watch, my beloved granny (my mom's mom) gave it to me. She was more than my granny. Finally after two or three months of looking for this watch, I had a 5 speed car and I get into it after work, lower the emergency break and lo and behold, there it was laying in plain sight!

When I've told this story to people, they've said it must have fell out of your pocket, no, it did not. It didn't fall out of the seats either! When I'm on a mission, I don't do anything half way, so I did not search for this watch half way!!

He's found many things for me through the years but this was the first time HE found it and returned it to me!! I praise Holy name!!

Anyone else?! It's the little things that keep encouraging us! God bless,


 2017/8/5 21:28Profile


You all have beautiful testimonies! Please keep them coming, it is very encouraging to read each one. To Jesus be all the glory!

When I was a little girl, my mom used to send my sister and I off to a Baptist Church for Sunday School. My sister and I didn't know much about Jesus, but loved going. I soon came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior around the age of 11. I witnessed to everyone I came across, including my parents. I told them if they didn't stop living for the world, and give their lives to Jesus they would go to hell.
My parents were shocked, and convicted. I was passing on what I learned in Sunday School.

Later that year, my parents signed me up for school in that church. I remember being so on fire for Jesus. I didn't really have friends because I was picked on a lot, but I didn't care, I had Jesus. One day while on recess, I went outside on the side of the building where no one could see me. I got down on my knees, looked at the sky and noticed there wasn't one cloud to be found anywhere. I just knew if I asked Jesus to let it rain, He would do it. I told Jesus I loved Him so and asked Him to let it rain that day.

One of the students came by, saw me on my knees, and asked what I was doing. I told him I asked God to let it rain. This young man began to make fun of me by singing and dancing a rain dance. I didn't care. Word got back to my teacher, and I found out later the school deemed it quite inappropriate to pray for rain. By the end of that day, not only did it rain, it poured so hard you couldn't see. I cried with tears of joy thanking Jesus with all of my heart for letting it rain.

The teacher ended up meeting with my parents about this. I got in a lot of trouble and was punished for praying, but I was so thankful because Jesus did a miracle for me.

Several months later, my parents were so convicted, we moved out of state, they gave their lives to Jesus, changed their worldly ways, my mom even stopped smoking. They lived for Jesus for about 4 years, backslid, then eventually divorced. Even though they have drifted from the Lord, I have so much hope that Jesus will call them back. He made it rain for me once, and I know He will do it again. If we ask Jesus anything according to His will, it shall be done for us. It is not His will for anyone to perish....I remind Him of this often.

Thank you Jesus! Praise Your Holy precious name! You can soften anyones heart!

 2017/8/5 23:22


A couple more. Many years ago, we took a step of faith. We felt the Lord prompt us to give the last of what was in our bank account to Him. Our children were very young, we didn't have anything left for groceries. Nobody knew we gave everything we had. A couple days later a dear sister in Christ showed up at our door....she was a single mother on food stamps. She had tears in her eyes and said the Lord strongly urged her to buy our family groceries. Everything she bought were the exact items our family would eat. It was so humbling to see how the Lord worked, using a single mother on food stamps to bless our family! Jesus is so good. He will always take care of us no matter what. We have never begged for bread, nor have we gone without the good and the bad, Jesus has always provided for our needs no matter what, even when I blew it, running from God in a back slidden condition, He still took care of me and made provisions every step of the way!

The story of the prodigal son is so close to my heart! No matter how hard you may fall, when you truly repent, humble yourself and turn back to Jesus....He will rejoice when one comes home. Where would all of us be without His mercy and grace? Most of my life was as a prodigal, but 3 years ago I returned to my Savior and will not look back. Praise God. It's too long a story to share, but Jesus knew I'd come back. I turned away from God because of being hurt/betrayed and not understanding what it meant to carry my cross daily....I had religion more than a true relationship with Jesus.

Don't ever give up on your family or friends no matter how impossible it may matter how hard their hearts may be. The Lord softened mine, it was very hard and bitter. It brings tears to my eyes to see how much He has softened my heart over the last few years. That is truly a miracle. I'm still learning, growing, and maturing, but this time....I'm getting to KNOW my precious Lord and Savior, learning to endure the trials, and counting it all joy. Never give up on people!

 2017/8/6 0:02

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