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 Everyday Miracles You have Witnessed from God.

Lately there has been a lot of debate on the forum regarding the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the continuance of the sign gifts. These debates have gone on for decades and will still go on.

But perhaps the question remains do we as followers of Christ still believe that God does miracles that cannot be explained in the natural? Do we believe that God still answers prayer in incredible ways that cannot be explained in the natural?

Dave has asked have any of us ever seen someone raised from the dead. My answer would probably be no given our mindset here in the West. But I dares say that a number in the forum have experienced incredible answers to prayer. Incredible answers to prayer that you know that our God is a miracle working God. Thus I am opening up a friendly thread for you to share your experiences. And others be encouraged in reading of how God has worked in your life.

Ravenhill said that the man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with an argument. At least that statement was supposedly attributed to Ravenhill. But whoever said it I would agree that those who have seen God work in their lives do believe that God still does miracles. And no theology will change that.

Therefore I invite you to come on this thread and share your experiences how a miracle-working God has intervened in your life. If you would like to share your testimony as a miracle please feel free to do so. I ask that there be no debate or no arguing in this thread as this is a place to tell our stories. And that this will be a thread that will encourage others that if God worked in their life then he too will work in theirs.

I posted this earlier on the other thread and will tell the story again. May it be encouraging to all who read.


I live in a part of the country where tornadoes are quite common. I live on the fringes of what is known as Tornado Alley. Those of you who live in parts of the world may not know what I'm talking about. But a tornado is one of the deadliest storms that can be conceived from the pit of Hell. Though limited in scope a tornado is quite deadly Taking lives and destroying property.

Tornadoes are rated on the fajita scale as 1 through 5. Even an F1 tornado can be deadly. But an F5 tornado is quite deadly with basis of a mile or longer living a swath of destruction that comes through a community. Arkansas and particular Little Rock has seen his share of tornados in recent years.

Springtime is the deadliest time for tornadoes. We take tornado warnings very seriously listening to the weather when storms are predicted. We are close to the National Weather Storm Orediction Center in Norman Oklahoma. Thus when they issue a tornado warning and tornado watch it is taken quite seriously.

Little Rock has a siren system that goes off when a tornado is sighted in our area. It is quite obnoxious but when the siren goes off we are to take cover in a safe part of the house or a safe room.

There was a time when I used to cower in fear when the siren would go off. Praying that God would spare us. There would be times when I would be in an inner room with my heart pounding and fear just praying that the funnel would pass over us. And not do us any harm.

As I begin to understand more of the power in the Spirit the Lord started showing me that Jesus had authority over the storms. I remember one night a series of tornadoes were predicted to come through Arkansas. One night the siren went off and I felt compelled to walk to the back window. I saw the trees whipping around the rain was blowing and I knew that a tornado had touched down somewhere. Because the night was pitch black I could not see a funnel cloud. Even if I could see it I would not want to see it. But the driving rain and the trees whipping back and forth was evidence enough that a tornado was touching down somewhere. That and the siren going off.

I will share that I was apprehensive and a little fearful. But believing the Spirit was in me I raised my hands and said "In the name of Jesus Christ dissipate!" "In the name of Jesus Christ Quiet! Be still!" In a matter of a few minutes the night went quiet. The siren was stilled.

I believe that what I did was of God. I did not raise the dead. But God had put it on my heart to take authority over what was reported the next day a possible F3 or greater tornado. At least got it put it in my heart the cry out for him to dissipate this tornado that it would not harm my home and those who were in it.


Bro Blaine

 2017/8/1 14:01

 Re: A Way Through the Rain

A few years ago a sister and I were traveling along the freeway. Suddenly we were hit by an intense rain storm. Actually this was more of a squall. The rain was so intense that we could not see in front of us. It was just blinding sheets of rain. The sister who was driving became quite concerned and her hands were gripping the wheel. I started praying quietly. Suddenly there appeared in the middle of the rain a clear path. On each side of the path where blinding sheets of rain but in the middle of the path was simply mist that we were able to see through. Thus God got us off the freeway and to our destination safely.

As I recount this story I always thought that what we saw in front of us was a miracle. That somehow God had parted the rain for us to see to get safely to where we needed to be. Thus if God could part the Red Sea. He could certainly part this rain squall.

Again this is another story of the miracle-working god that we serve and love. I invite others to come and share their stories of how God miraculously worked in their lives.

Bro Blaine

 2017/8/1 14:14

 Re: The Preservation of God

A few years ago I was traveling on an Amtrak train south of St Louis heading back to Little Rock. It was late at night and the train was making its way through the hills of Missouri. The motion of the train was causing me to doze off. As my eyes were beginning to close I heard the two men in back of me speaking of their military experience. The dim lights, the gentle rocking of the train, and the men talking in back at me were like a sedative and I was about to enter into La La Land.

Then all of a sudden I heard a bump and a rumble and the lights went out. I think emergency lights came on. I could tell in the first few seconds that something was not right. Something went through my mind that the train had derailed. There was no screaming. Most of the people were asleep.

As I gripped my seat I began to call out to the Lord. I heard myself saying Lord Jesus preserve us! Lord Jesus preserve us! The train stopped. Our car was slightly off the track but was up right. People woke up where dazed. Amtrak staff came to check on us to make sure they were no injuries.

Later I heard the conductor saying on his radio. "Amtrak dispatch there are no fatalities! "I say again there are no fatalities!" People were shaking up. Many of us were in a state of shock. There were some bruises. But there were no fatalities. There were no serious injuries. Truly God had preserved us! I thought of the verse that says "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved!

Does anyone else in the forum have a story where God has miraculously intervened in their lives? Do you have a story where God has miraculously answered your prayers?

Bro Blaine

 2017/8/2 7:58

 Re: Retitling this Thread

I am retitling this thread. I got the above title from our brother Mr. Bill Pro. Again I extend the invitation for anyone in the forum to come and tell their stories where God has done a miracle in their life. It does not have to be as dramatic as a healing or the raising of the dead. Though I have shared three stories that were quite dramatic to me.

I apologize this threat is not controversial enough. But must everything be controversial in this forum. Is God not working in the life of the Forum members? Have you not seen prayers answered?

I believe it would be so encouraging to our readers to see how God does interact with his children on an everyday basis. So again forum if you have a story to tell how God has done a miracle or has miraculously intervened in your life on a daily basis please come and share it on this thread. I for one would love to hear your stories.

Bro Blaine

 2017/8/2 15:27

Joined: 2011/8/20
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 Re: Everyday Miracles You have Witnessed from God.

I have seen quite few but most of them will fall under the category of answered prayers. But by miracles most of us here expect things like healing etc, not a blessing of an event that was impossible to happen.

I have seen 2 clear instances of miraculous healings.. I will mention one of them.

I had a very bad throat and struggled to speak for more than 2 mins. Also my voice has changed. Scans revealed that I had a swelling inside my voice box that has to be cut and removed. I had to put my voice to rest and speak very little. But I for some reason decided against the operation. I used to speak in church regularly with severe pain and difficulty to utter the words. Often I cut my messages short due to pain. I used to worry, what will happen to my gift if I lose my voice like this!

I totally stopped singing in the Church as I had to retain my voice for the sermon. But one day I felt really sad that I am not able to praise God the way I should during the service. I prayed that 'God even if I cannot deliver your sermons, it is fine with me, I want to sing praises to you, please restore my voice for that sake'. I prayed with tears. Immediately my voice was restored. I observed my self for a weak to make sure it was clear healing as I did not face that modulation again and got my original voice back without any limitation in speech.

I believe it is a healing that God has done in my life. I have witnessed few more but I mentioned this alone because I learnt a valuable lesson here. Our prayers should be in line with God for healing to happen. God healed me only when I put praise above sermons. Yes I can bless the church by sermons but if not I, God can even make a donkey speak his word! But I want to personally praise him for his goodness. God honored that honest prayer.

I believe we do not see miracles because we do not make the right prayer. Our prayers should be inline with God's will. God never does miracles just to showoff. There were clear reasons in New Covenant behind every miracles, coupled with faith. Either we do not have the right reasons or enough faith to see them happen.


 2017/8/2 15:57Profile

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Johannesburg, South Africa


Wonderful testimony, brother!


 2017/8/2 16:03Profile

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 Re: Everyday Miracles You have Witnessed from God.

A little background first. After 22 years I changed what I did for work. Stopped doing my own business and went to work for a company. I now sell remodeling stuff in homes. 2 weeks ago I was in the home of an elderly woman's and her daughter was there. After I was done I had the opportunity to pray for the daughter who was in a great deal of back pain and is scheduled to have a back surgery in September. She had some relief after words, and I continue to keep her in prayer. Last week the Lord allowed me to pray with a man who lost both his wife and daughter in the same year 2016 and minister The scripture to him to him during prayer. In both cases I see it as the greatest honor to be allowed of the Lord to do so.

The opptunity to do simple acts of kindness and pray in faith for people expecting to see results does not always present it self,but when it does it is special to me also.

BRother bear, I also have seen storms part and severe conditions clam down, those also are testimonies to the Glory of God.


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 Re: Everyday Miracles You have Witnessed from God.

There are a couple incidents of healing that I have personally experienced. When I reflect on these incidents my heart is filled with gratitude to our Almighty God who saw fit to answer our prayer.

#1: It was Sunday morning and I was dreadfully sick - sicker then a dog, as they say here in the south. My digestive system was cleaned out from one end to the other and I was in dreadful pain: wherever a body can hurt I hurt- felt so bad you wished you could die. I came within a whisker of asking my husband to take me to the ER, instead I asked him to pray for me. He prayed and I soon fell asleep and slept soundly for several hours. When I awoke I felt perfectly fine, a bit weak, perhaps, but there was no pain, no feeling of being sick at all, and was in a jubilant mood. I felt ambitious enough to get to work but did not because it was the LORD's Day and we do not do any unnecessary work on that day.

Incident #2:

I was suffering from intense hip pain, so intense I screamed. I was in bed, could barely move without excruciating pain. I was totally desperate. I asked my husband to pray for me and he did. I soon fell asleep but did wake up briefly during the night and heard him praying for my well-being. This warmed my heart tremendously. In any case, the pain subsided and never felt that again. I still experience hip pain in the mornings, but it subsides once I get going. The doctor told me several years ago I am a candidate for hip replacement but refuse to consider it because I am certain it will make me vulnerable to other ailments. I am trusting the Lord to keep me well so I can do what he bids me do, knowing he will provide the ability to fulfill it.

I know some will dispute incident #2 but you must remember I am not a spring chicken anymore and my body is aging, dying by degrees. This alone presents one with serious challenges that go beyond physical wellness. In any case, we pray a lot for our health - that is our first go-to method of dealing with health issues we encounter.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Everyday Miracles You have Witnessed from God.

bearmaster wrote:
I invite you to come on this thread and share your experiences how a miracle-working God has intervened in your life. If you would like to share your testimony as a miracle please feel free to do so.

Someone might say, what I have to say is quite small. Well, years ago my pastor always said, "if God's in it, it's not a small thing!" So share away!

God bless,


 2017/8/2 17:25Profile

 Re: Sree, David, Sandra

These are wonderful testimonies. Thank you for sharing. Very encouraging to read and to see how God has worked in your lives. Again thank you for your encouraging stories.

Please forum. If anybody has a story to tell of everyday miracles of God working in you please tell it. For I believe your stories are just as encouraging as the ones who have posted here.

Bro Blaine

 2017/8/2 17:26

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